March 31, 2013

Advice On the 3 Personal Year Numerology

After an emotional year as brought on by the previous personal year of two the three in a way promises to relax life just a bit. The best way to get through the three personal year is by keeping  two 'C's' in mind: Communication and Creativity I always say three is sometimes a difficult year when it comes to handling new, super serious business as the number three is a playful, fun, creative, and social type of vibe.

The three often involves plenty of socializing and significant moments of communication! I find the three  to  be an enjoyable break from the pace of life brought on by the previous two personal year, and also a break before the hardworking vibration of the upcoming four personal year. During the three year you may frequently hear from or about people that you have not spoken to or have seen in a long time.

We cannot escape how great of role communication especially plays in the three personal year, it is just hands-down always a really big theme when a three is involved. This significance of communication indicates that for the majority of all of those in the particular year you will have to speak up even more than usual in regards to an issue that may not be so easy to speak of, but is absolutely necessary in order to get through the year as smoothly as possible.On the other you may find yourself instead/also on the receiving end of very significant news that needs to be communicated to you.

So communication is one very important key to keep in mind.

The next key involves both creativity and channeling. While not a super serious hardworking vibration the number three year is especially favorable for creative endeavors. It does not necessarily have to be a creative project done for profit and could be something as simple as writing poetry, singing, taking up dance, painting, anything related to the artistic field that you are drawn to and would allow you to channel your feelings through a creative outlet.

So definitely if you feel pent up emotions and feelings, especially during this type of year, do find creative outlets in which you can release those feelings. Channeling your energy into anything creative, artistic related that you are naturally drawn to (I cannot tell you what that is for you)  is well matched to the vibration of the three personal year and will prove beneficial.

Funny thing, I mentioned the letter C earlier and wasn't even thinking of its equivalence till now. C is equivalent to the number three in Pythagorean numerology just noticed it as I am done writing and C indeed is a funny vibration :) So to get through the three year keep not just two, but these three C's in mind Communication, Creativity, and Channeling. and remember a 'C' (Crystal) wih a three attitude number in my chart and plenty of three's in too many places told you so! :)

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