January 11, 2012

Please Take A Moment to Watch, Share, & Visit

I ask of at least one of three things please visit the organization belows website, watch the video below, or say a prayer for the missing. How many lives could be saved if more people became more aware of those that have gone missing? especially when individuals go missing in your local area where unaware others may be passing them by, and  especially when among the missing are children and those with mental handicaps. So please take a moment to:

#1 Visit the LostNMissing Website


#2 Take a moment to view the organizations video below. If someone you loved went missing you would want and need all the help, awareness, and eyes you can possibly have. One person, can make a difference, and possibly save a life....


#3 At the very least say a prayer. To be specific I suggest specifically praying for missing individuals by name that you may have heard of locally or finding random  individual(s) (such as on the particular site or any site) that you may feel drawn to and keep there name specifically in prayer.

Please feel free to share the video

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