December 11, 2011

Update Posted In: Babies Born In A 4 Four Universal Year Such As 2011

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Babies Born In A 4 Four Universal Year Such As 2011

Direct Quote From Post of January 4, 2011:

"......( ....Very odd thing happen today, as I was writing this I noticed a high trend of Asian children, mainly Japanese, being born in four universal years, whom later became actors, actress, etc., It made me wonder, does every four universal year have some sort of special affect on Asian countries such as Japan? - not to long ago an earthquake struck the Japan area. It is currently 7:30PM, I began all of this writing early this morning, right now I'm just editing, so I am going to look more into a possible connections between Asian countries and the four universal year...The trend caught my attention, but when they earthquake struck it really grabbed my attention)....."

UPDATE: 12/11/2012
[Aware of typos, posting it exactly as written typos and all:)]As I read over this today and what was written nearly a year ago. I am bit shocked that I had forgotten what I have written. Now looking back on what occurred a couple of months later on March 2011 in Japan I find that particular above section a bit eerie. As I became really busy with school, I never got around to looking at connections between yearly number vibrations and how it is beginning to seem, even as I have written my 2012 prediction, it seems some regions are more affected by a particular yearly number for some reason I cannot quite pinpoint yet. The quake mentioned in the above paragraph was a 5.7 earthquake that struck off Japan's Izu island.

Below is a link to article from around that time. The 5.7 grabbed my attention, but after posting here I completely forgot what I wrote until today. I will begin to look into connections soon and as always I will post what I discover:

English RUVR Article 5.7 Japan Izu Island Strikes

A few months ago I signed up for google+ just because it was finally open. When I first signed up I noticed all of pictures associated with my google accounts were on there and not knowing what I was doing I deleted all images. I have since permanently canceled my google+ account and my facebook accounts also. For both of my blogs  there are exclamation marks where pictures should be. In this particular post on 2011 babies the picture I had of "Genie" was accidentally deleted so I have placed it back up today. I am considering writing a five universal babies of 2012 post....

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