December 15, 2011

Unexplained Shower of Apples Fall Out of the Sky Onto Small British Town

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Apples falling out of the sky? Not the first time this has happened?
As we are headed towards the end of the year I believe we are going to see more of the 5/3 vibration showing up. I came across an article that is a great example of what I meant when I said in my 2012 numerology prediction the energy is a highly, unpredictable all-of-sudden type of energy and it seems to behave in highly unusual ways. In general, the world is unpredictable, but when a five rolls around it can be a unpredictable to an extreme. A bizarre type of energy it seems, by the end of 2012, if you follow along with updates and world news you will have a great understanding of what I mean.

Take the  article of apples falling out of the sky for example. A shower of apples, about hundred pieces of fruit, has reportedly rained down on a small British town click here to read more about it. There is no explanation for it, it has been suggested a possible tornado swept up the apples and rained them across town. There may very well be a logical explanation for apples falling from the sky and I would really like to know it, if there is one. I am not being sarcastic, I think it is interesting and as I read through news articles on this story I have also read fish have fallen out the sky before. I have never heard of it. First time hearing anything like that falling out the sky.  

I am not expert on the possible causes of apples falling out of the sky but at this point experts have no explanation as well. High winds are being suggested as the cause, but I don't know.....Wouldn't you expect debris in addition to apples to be included? Why just pure fruit if it was high winds or tornado?  Either way seem like some of kind of sign. I don't know.

Very odd indeed, I posted all of this in my updates section for 2012. The story contains the mystery of the 2011 year and the unexpectedness of 2012. I believe we are now still transitioning out of the old years vibration and into our new vibrations, including world universal year and personal years. Visit the link below to read the article. Sadly it was also reported a few days ago that thousands of birds crash landed in Utah. It is starting to sound like the start of 2011 news where we had thousands of wildlife dying off unexplained. Supposedly these particular birds mistook a parking lot for lakes.

No matter what your beliefs are I hope we have learned not to always based the truth on official reports. I am not buying into the birds confusing a parking lot for a lake, and then the earthquake boom in New Jersey was not an earthquake, but the only explanation is maybe lightening or thunder, yet thunder will not cause a house to rock even the weather experts have stated this. Possible sonic boom, nut no one knows.

Apples falling out the sky, and the reason is bad weather or a tornado yet the weather by some has been reported to be calm in the town where apples rained down. Thousands of birds crash land into a parking lot, similar to all the wildlife that were dying out in the beginning of this year, and all that can be said is, thousands of birds simplywere confusing a parking lot for a lake? UFOs was possibly spotted and caught on video during a protest in Russia and I am sure there is a way to reason away 25,000 protesters - witnesses and  all are mistaken? How many odd occurrences must take place to seriously grab peoples attention.
When something involves affects hundreds or thousands upon thousands we cannot keep chalking it off as nothing, at some point we have to pay attention. Hundreds and thousands of people, saying the same thing and with nothing to gain have no reason to lie....

I am always constantly listening to music, especially on youtube and before I read the apples story I felt the urge to listen to "Rain" by Creed on repeat. The song and lyrics had been on my especially the past days and so I finally found the song and started listening to it. I have been in an odd kind of mood lately.....Song/video posted below

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