November 27, 2011

Numerology Prediction 2012 Universal 5 Year Part 1 Introduction

2012 A Time for Change

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Calculating 2012 5/3 Vibration
I have found that every year is influenced by two main number vibrations not just one. The main and most influential vibration will be the universal year number which is found by simply adding all digits in a particular year and reducing it to a single number.

For example:


2 + 0 + 1 + 2 = 5

Breaks down simply to five, no compound numbers to deal with but typically in numerology more calculations are involved to break down results that remain in compound form. In most cases we break down the results until we reach a single number (master numbers are considered exceptions by some such as 11,22,33,etc). 2012 just happened to break down really simply to the number five.

2012 equating to a number five means 2012 will be a five universal year in numerology. The universal year quite basically is the number vibration which will have influence on world events.  This includes not only wordly influence, but the world’s five vibration will touch our personal lives on some level. When it comes to the universal world year most will stop at the calculation of the entire year as obviously the “name” of the year is 2012, but I like to take it a step further and calculate the “nickname” of the year.

The year will also be known as ’12 and I believe this also causes influence. Very similar to individuals that go by shortened names or nicknames. Nicknames and shortened names carry influence and so does the “shortened” name every year goes by. When we calculate 1 + 2 the result is the number 3. Making the number three another influential vibration. You can consider the number three as a minor influence, but minor does not mean insignificant! It still carries a pretty strong punch, but I say minor as the number five universal year number will have the greatest and most major effect on events.

So for 2012, we have the major influence of the number five and this will make the year officially a five universal year, however, we also have the influence of the number three.

This is a Six Part Post.....
By the time I am done writing this post it will become pretty lengthy so I will be breaking it up into different post, so be sure to continue reading the full prediction by clicking through the all the parts of this reading. There are six parts to this reading. This page you are reading is part one. The remaining parts to this numerology prediction are linked at the end of this page.
Understanding 2012 by Looking Back On Past 5 Universal Years
As mentioned above 2012 will be a five universal year with what I am calling a "minor" three vibration. All my numerology predictions are based on my interpretations of numbers and observations of past patterns of events occurring in the same universal year vibration.  Everything presented here are my observations and by no means law, so take and leave from it what you will. As mentioned in my numerology prediction on 2011, should patterns and events “come true” I believe it is based on my belief that history truly does repeats itself, as in numerology we have cycles the run 1-9 and of course after nine we begin again.

No matter how many thousands of years come and go we only have nine types of years with nine main themes. It goes double for our personal lives. Even as old as one becomes, and even with all the billions of people inhabiting the earth we all live and run through nine types of life themes. If interested in more information on your them in 2012 please feel free to obtain a reading from me and I will explain it all from my point-of-view, if interested click here for more info.
My life right now is not completely where I want it to be, but I still feel a deep down excitement in entering the year of 2012. Again 2012, will be a five universal year with a three vibration. And the number five is a very hyper-exciting-surprising number indeed! After such an arduous, serious year as 2011 was for most of us. Now we should feel the energies beginning to relax a bit and leading us towards exciting uncharted territory. More than any year, I can feel the feeling of heading towards exciting, uncharted territory which is common when dealing with the number five.

I believe the vibration of 2012 is slowly creeping in beginning now as we are in November 2011. It is as if the old vibration of 2011 is wearing off as we head towards the ending of the year and the new years vibration is making its way in early. I am starting to notice this occurrence every year. Even on a personal level you may feel your personal year vibration wearing off way before the year ends.

2012 & The Number 5
When a five occurs it is usually shocking-all-of-a-sudden vibration as continuously and "all of a sudden" and sometimes completely out of nowhere something is taking place in a significant/out-of-the-ordinary type of way. I will give examples of what I mean later on. Hopefully by the end of writing this you will have an understanding of what I mean.
I have found the number five vibration is usually majorly significant when it comes to the keywords listed below in a significant, notable, and often historic way in most cases. I know some themes interconnect and I have a specific reason for stressing certain keywords. You must read through all six parts of this numerology prediction for examples and explanations.

The Number Five Vibration
Record setting weather
Bizarre weather
Volcanic Activity
Fire Outbreaks
Natural Disasters
Issues related to Power(Fig.)
Issues related to Power (Lit.)

The Number Three Vibration
Passing of young (legendary) stars - usually more than one around the same time span
/Passing of legendary people - usually more than one around the same time span
Major Sports News

Entertainment Field
Later in this prediction I will provide examples of these particular keywords as it has significantly impacted the world in past five universal year vibrations. These keywords are important to keep in mind as good majority, if not all of them, historically have played major, significant roles in past universal five years. We do not have to wait till 2012 to watch this vibration unfold in the news headlines. Again, I have found yearly vibrations whether personal or world related tend to slowly creep in early in November!

Start taking notice of events occurring in just this November to the end of December alone and keep in mind the keywords posted above as we go through 2012. I am not at all into watching news, I rarely do, but through the internet we cannot help but find headline news at every turn. So if you are not into watching your local news do pay attention headline online news. Some wait till the beginning of a new year for the new vibration, but again, I cannot help notice yearly number vibrations creeping in beginning around every November-December. At the end of this prediction I will post a page listing updates on events as they occur beginning now.
From 1900-2012....

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It is very interesting to note from the years even beyond 1900's-2012. We only have two years which were five universal years with a three vibration. Those years are the year 2003 and next year 2012! We have only experienced this type of vibration only once before and we are once again headed to this vibration for 2012.  All past five universal years, again from 1900-2011, with the exception of 2003, contained a four vibration instead of the three which simply added more of an extra politically charged nature to past five universal years.

The same four politically charged vibration was brought on this year of 2011 which was the four universal year making it again, even on a personal level, some what of burdensome feeling type of year. Even as hard as 2011 may have seemed for most, no doubt, we have learned to not only to make the best of difficult situations/circumstances, but all hardwork has laid a foundation that we can now build future years upon.

If you want to know what I mean by a politically charged year, please feel free to view my 2011 numerology prediction by clicking here and take note of major headline news made in 2011. The four vibration is hard working burdensome type of year. Most of us may have felt this 2011 vibration, no matter what your personal year, and the five brings great hope of the "difficulties" of the four easing up and giving us a break! Once we hit the "new millennium" we truly ushered in a new age  like no other and with the introduction of the upcoming new year of 2012 we can almost feel this "new age" is still just beginning. Good news is we entering a year that will ease up a bit and give us all a bit of a break.

How many of us kind of have a longing for the way thing were back in the 19-- fill in the blanks. It is something about the "2" vibration in the years 20** that has obviously ushered in a much more spiritually open age than we have been use to. Take a look at how comfortable we have become in discussing the paranormal realm it reflects in today's lastest tv and film. I cannot even keep track of how many tv shows  and movies begin with the word "Paranormal" and enjoy watching them all when I can. It is definitely a good thing, on some level, it shows spiritually the world is become much more open and aware.

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My aim is to use numerology to at least bring about some sort of spiritual awareness. If I am doing a good job please let me know. You'd be surprised how much feedback keeps me writing when I feel like stopping.  When I began this blog I didn't expect the traffic it has received, so I had to eventually remind myself "thousands will be influenced by what I write" and in considering that I I ended up deleting post that might be taken the wrong way if not read through carefully. I am sensitive, and I have a heart and soul, so all feedback and emails mean allot to me. I read and appreciate them all.

There are six parts to this reading; to fully read this numerology prediction for 2012 in its entirety you must read all pages! This is just one part of a 6 post prediction.
Now onto more descriptions and detailed examples of events to be expected from a five universal year such as 2012 will be......

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