November 27, 2011

Numerology Prediction 2012 Universal 5 Year Part 2 The Weather, Natural Disasters, & Fires

 2012 Five Universal Year Weather

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In observing events taking place in past universal five vibrations and five universal years, I have noticed some of the most oddest and bizarre type of weather occurrences occur in the five universal years. Tornado's and hurricanes are usually major when a five vibration is involved and especially when such a vibration is spanning an entire year. The weather in past five vibrations have, in some cases, notoriously set weather records that in some cases still hold today.

We cannot prepare for all the unexpected thrown at us by mother nature, but if somehow you are warned to evacuate your homes due to severe weather please always take it seriously. Mother Nature is often highly unpredictable and unstable and this seems to be especially true when it comes to the five universal years and five vibrations, but in some cases warnings are issued well in advance. 

As I read through certain events I was a bit shocked and saddened by the historical events that have taking place in past five universal years a majority of all which were way before my time but again in some cases warnings were issued and many cases lose of live could have been prevetative.

I write this keeping those in mind that remain in there homes when warned to evacuate. If I can get through to those whom may choose not to take weather evacuations seriously or feel that holding onto their property is more important than their life, if I could reach those people it makes this post worth writing.
If you have read through much of all my post in this blog or have been with this blog since the beginning you may recall how much I have written here regarding the number three vibration especially as it relates to events. When it comes to mother nature the three vibration tends to be major when it comes to  earthquakes. Earthquakes themselves are highly unpredictable very much exactly like the number five vibration. The next page talks a bit more about earthquakes....

There is only so much preparation that can be done and we never know where the next major earthquake will strike. Some individuals, like myself, can literally feel the ground tremble when a powerful earthquake is going to strike minutes, hours or couple of days before taking place and some people out there  can feel earthquakes before they occur and pinpoint locations of upcoming quakes.

I know any time anyone talks about feeling earthquakes no one really takes it serious or believes, so I don't expect anyone to believe or not. I just know I am not the only one and I hope more people that can feel quakes before they strike will come forward. I do not know to much about the ability or what, if anything I am suppose to do with it. I can differentiate which feels are island/offshore related and which ones are powerful hitting inland, but I cannot at all pin exact locations. I am not the only one, I have read many web stories of those that feel the same things I do. Earlier this year I began keeping public track of what I feel in my newest blog. I mention this as scientifically there is no warning system in place to detect upcoming quakes, however, there are those that have some sort of spiritual warning

 ....4:00PM 11/27 UPDATE Ground just jerked as I am writing/editing this right now)....Odd that it is coming on strong while I am writing about earthquakes....

----- What I love about 2012 is that we are headed into the beginning of a deep spiritual awakening and at some point there will be no denying those things of a spiritual nature as spiritual occurrences will become so frequent that it will be difficult to ignore and deny such experiences.

I just imagine if the world was a much more spiritually open minded one what a difference it would make in the world. I do believe and agree with those believing some sort of spiritual awakening is beginning to take place and will continue to do so in 2012 and I am kind of excited about that.
A year such as the five universal year, is usually significantly in a notable major way when it comes to at least one or all keywords listed: the weather, hurricanes, tornadoes, major earthquakes, flooding, mudslides, natural disaster
Fires & the Number Five
I have found the number five to be majorly associated with significant fires in history. I wonder if the six energies within a such a year produces this? These two numbers (5&6) are major conflicting with each other and I have always known this, but it is odd that events related to fires connect to the number six in most cases of the five universal year.

Very much like fire going out of control the number five is a difficult energy to contain. The energy of a five is a rebellious energy and it is one that does not like to be contained into a predictable spot and can be a very unstable energy. The more I am thinking now of the symbol of fire, it seems actually very much fitting to the way a number five operates, in some cases like wildfire.

It spreads how it wishes, is difficult to contain-settle down, and it rebels as it desires. However, in the end destructive rebelliousness leads to seriously sad consequences. The six vibration mentioned is something that I have just noticed as I am completing this numerology prediction and is something I will look more into.
2003 and 2012 are the only years so far carrying the 5/3. All events below are taking place in 5/4 years. 

Sadly, in general, there are many cases of deaths related to fire that could have been prevented. In honor of those preventable deaths caused by fires please, please, please be fire safe and ensure that your home has working installed smoke detectors. I'll will be posting helpful fire safety related links throughout 2012.


1904 Baltimore Fire Aftermath


December 24  Italian Hall Disaster, someone falsely yells fire at a crowded Christmas Party resulting in the trampling death of around 73 people including men, women, and children.

As I browse the list of events of 1922, about halfway through the month of events I notice nothing weather related and I figured it odd that this one five universal year contained no major weather events, until I reached August events of 1922.Even when it comes to sensing earthquakes, anytime an obvious strong vibration is "quiet" and not immediately showin itself, it arises suspicion of something big brewing under the surface. The great majority of the year as far as I am aware of was fine weather wise for nearly eight months and then suddenly the vibration shows itself in a major way....

August 2

September 13


Another year, similar to 1922 in which no major related events are apparent as I scroll the list of events, but again just as in 1922 as soon as hit August the vibration as it relates to weather sets in strong......

August 31 The Yantzee River floods leaving 23 million homeless killing 3.7 million people directly and indirectly, one of the top worst natural disasters in history


St. Paul's Cathedral Saved During Second Great Fire of London

April 23 Rhythm Nightclub fire kills nearly 200 (Mississippi) In a five year, on a five day day approaching a five calendar month
December 29 Second Great Fire of London, series of incendiary bombing raids that kindle 1,500 fires, caused devasting damage, and destroyed/ruined famous buildings



(notice the 13/31 & 3 vibration; dates are on the 3rd, 13th, 31st; 76= 13)
 July 31 Big Thompson River floods in Colorado destroying hundred of cars and homes and taking 145 lives

May of 1985  Five universal year, with a five calendar month vibration; notice 13 & 31; 85=13
May 25 Bangledish Cyclone kills an estimate of 11,000

May 31 41 tornadoes strike Ontario, Ohio, Pennsylvannia, and New York with 14 of those tornadoes being killer tornados resulting in the death of 76. 14/41= 5 - odd?

November 13 Nevado del Ruiz  Volcano erupts killing 23,000 including deaths as result of Lahars

January 17 Northridge earthquake 6.7 magnitude strikes San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles. I remember experiencing this one. I was nine when this occurred. It took the lives of 57, resulted in the injuries of 5,000, caused $20 billion in property damage making it the most costliest quake in U.S. history. It took place at 4:31am. Again with the 13/31 vibration. 6.7= 67 = 13; 4:31am - 31; 94=13 Side note the most costliest in U.S. history and it occurred on an "8" day.

January 19 Cold waves hits east U.S. The coldest temperature in Indiana state history is recorded in New Whiteland, Indiana −36°F

Take notice of how the five vibration seems to occur in two place named Piedmont, odd? eight months apart and in the same year on 3/27 & 11/6
August 1 Worst British Library Fire In Its History; Norwich Central Library burns down destroying most of its historical records

November 6 - Deadly Flood in Piedmont, Italy

Additional information on the 1994 Piedmont Flood

November 8-21 Hurricane Gordon described as following an "erratic" and "unusual path. Affected the Carribean, Florida, and surrounding Islands. Resulting in estimated death of 800-1,200

November 22?? Eruptions of Merapi volcano results in over 60 deaths

Important! As we reach the year of 2003 it has to be understood this year is unlike any five year experience thus far, so far all five universal years contained a four vibration attached.In the universal five years of 2003 and 2012 there is no four politically charged vibration. The usual four is instead replaced with a three vibration, which the three is much more geared towards news related to the entertainment field, sports, and earthquakes.

January 18 - The Canberra Bushfires - second costliest fire in Australian History resulting in $450 million in damage (on a day with 8 vibration in the compound digit of 18)

February 18 - Subway Train Fire Daegu, South Korea
May - a five calendar month in a five universal year. May 2003 resulted in the most tornado's for any month in U.S. history, since 1950 count,  with a total of 542 tornadoes in May 2003. Click Here for Statistics

May 4 - 10 Tornado Outbreak Severe
U.S. history, record set for the most tornadoes in a week with 400 tornadoes all taking place in the span of a week

May 21 - 6.8 Boumerdes, Algeria earthquake; resulted in $5 billion in damage and deaths of 3,500

June 22 - Largest hailstone in U.S. History on record in Aurora, Nebraska

August 16 - 2003 Okanagan Mountain Park Fire

August 22 Brazilian Rocket Explosion
September 24-29 Hurricane Juan Most damaging cyclone in Halifax, Nova Scotia History
October 25 San Diego Cedar Fire; Largest wildfire in California History

December 23 PetroChina Natural Gas Explosion
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Numerology Prediction Part 2 The Weather,Natural Disasters, & Fires
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********* 12/29/2011 SPECIAL UPDATE*********

Taking a small moment to break from the numerology prediction for just a moment. On Christmas Day 2011, 18 year-old Ben Breedlove passed away of a heart condition that had plague him his entire life. Before his death, he wrote of a vision/dream he had in which he was in heaven with his favorite rapper, Kid Cudi, it was such a great experience/dream he thought to himself, I never wanted to wake up.

When Kid Cudi heard of all this and Ben's passing he released a statement in which he states it made him tear up to hear of this and Ben is his hero. Ben uploaded a video on youtube a week before his death and it is truly touching lives, so I ask you to please take a moment to watch and please feel free to share the video.

This is not at all related to this post, but Ben seems to have left a final message for the world and all I ask is you take one moment to watch. May Ben's soul rest in peace. Seems like such a beautiful soul with a beautiful smile to match. To read more about Ben Breedlove please click here

Final Edit of Numerology Prediction 1/1/2012

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