November 27, 2011

Numerology Prediction 2012 Universal 5 Year Part 5 Miscellanous Occurences

Here are some other noticeable, common occurrence in when it comes to five universal years. This is part five of six, so be sure to read all parts from the beginning. If you read this out of context you may not understand what is posted below. In the case of the word "power" there is a bit of play on words and have found this with other keywords mentioned, should I notice play of additional keywords occurring I will update under current events....

Power - there is a bit of play on words here; figuratively and literally issues of power are common. Including major power outages and also political leaders especially resigning and giving up power. I believe the figurative meaning and vibration is mostly common in the 5/4 vibrations, but I still wanted to make a note of it here.

Explosions -There is a major trend of explosions in this type of universal year and it is not always just political/religious related. I have seen a trend of explosions/bombings political/religious/terrorist related, but I have also notice a trend of explosions related to malfunctions and accidents

The Field of Sports Usually Makes Headlines for some significant reason for something unique, record setting or some major news related to sports. I am not really into sports but I know just recently the NBA lockout has ended

The Entertainment Vibration of the number three - especially makes for great news in the entertainment field. Some of the best in the entertainment industry were born in/on a three and some of our greatest milestones in the field of music and entertainment occurred in three vibrations.

Loss of Legendary People in three vibrational years we tend to lose a number of not famous people, we tend to lose a number of very legendary people. it may be in the field of sports, music, television,etc. Those that without a doubt we consider legendary in their field. I always say in November it seems like the "new years" vibration begins to slowly creep in early and this November 2011 alone we have experienced the loss of four legendary people in the field of entertainment. The number three is our entertainment vibration and it is our vibration of legends. In November, we had the passing of rapper Heavy D, boxing great Joe Frazier, legendary news broadcaster Andy Rooney, and Family Circus, comic creator, Bil Keane all passing within a short time span of each other. Some legends in the three vibration tend to pass at a very young age, so it is also quite common, as I have noticed to lose young legendary people.

Cults - I noticed a couple of cult news in past universal years. This is not the first five vibration in which there is an expectation for the world to end. A major change in the world as we know it? Most likely. The five vibration symbolizes a new change to the ways we've been use to, but end of the world I do not think so. You can read more about my thoughts on ending of the world talk in 2012, especially as it relates the unpredictable number five. You can read a bit about my thoughts by viewing the following post:
Small Clue to 2012 Numerology Forecast
Anticipation  - In a vibration that is filled with such a burst of unexpected energy, naturally, without even knowledge of numerology there tends to be a natural high level of anticipation and expectations in such a year, a most obvious well anticipated event, but not the only one, is the "ending of the world".Like I said the vibration usually has surprises for those with high expectations of things to come and the way they plan for it to pan out. The number five vibration is a hard one to plan for, as plans tend to be turned upside down. With a five it is always good to simply go with the flow and with little expectations of the way things should be.

Added 12/2/2011
Play on Keywords - I am not sure if it is unique to the five vibration, but I also have found there is small trend of play on keywords. I also have noticed certain areas seem particularly affected by a particular number vibration. I have to examine the locations vibration a bit to be sure and I'll post whatever trend I find. When I say play on words I mean for example the word "power" Which indicated significance when it comes to literally power outages but also transferring of power.

Added 12/5/2012
Major/Significant/Mass Changes To The Way We Are Use To Doing Things - Already mentioned this a bit.Cuts and changes planned for Spring 2012 to U.S. Postal Service brought this back to mind so I wanted to list it here.

In one particular five universal year about eight months apart from each other two areas name Pidemont were heavily affected by deadly natural disasters. One was Pidemont, Italy and the other was Pidemont, Alabama in 1994. It is listed under events on part 2 of this numerology prediction click here if you did not have a chance to look through and read it.

1/18/2012 5:53 AM ADDED
Issues related to freedom - This is a theme well associated with the number five and I mention it all the time when it comes to personal numerology, but missed it when originally writing this.  When I found out about the PIPA and SOPA bills, yesterday, which are two bills that would pretty much give the government and the media the power to censor the internet; the five freedom theme struck me like a "duh" moment. Freedom is big theme of the number five and I love how many including big well-known sites, small lesser known sites, bloggers, and many individuals have pulled together in unison to say NO! we will not just sit by and allow our freedoms to be restricted in any form. Click here to learn more or copy and paste the following link:

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****** 12/29/2011 SPECIAL BREAK *******
Taking a small moment to break from the numerology prediction for just a moment. On Christmas Day 2011, 18 year-old Ben Breedlove passed away of a heart condition that had plague him his entire life. Before his death, he wrote of a vision/dream he had in which he was in heaven with his favorite rapper, Kid Cudi, it was such a great experience/dream he thought to himself, I never wanted to wake up.

When Kid Cudi heard of all this and Ben's passing he released a statement in which he states it made him tear up to hear of this and Ben is his hero. Ben uploaded a video on youtube a week before his death and it is truly touching lives, so I ask you to please take a moment to watch and please feel free to share the video.

This is not at all related to this post, but Ben seems to have left a final message for the world and all I ask is you take one moment to watch. May Ben's soul rest in peace. Seems like such a beautiful soul with a beautiful smile to match. To read more about Ben Breedlove please click here

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