November 1, 2011

2011 My Seven Personal Year in a Four Universal Year

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And What a Four-Year-Seven Year This Has Been…..

I have so much write about for this blog, I do not even know where to begin. As you may have noticed, for much of this year I have not been too active on this blog. I guess you can chalk it up to being in a seven personal year, which called for me to withdraw a bit and become more in touch with myself especially on a spiritual level. The seven personal year has been such a slow one, but definitely a year that provides much room for growth, especially when it comes to spirituality and personal development. I knew way before this year hit for me it would be a slow one. I just hoped it would not affect certain areas of my life in which I wanted to speed things up a bit, but  it certainly did. Every time I considered or attempted a major move this year, it seems as if I was purposefully slowed down and in some cases completely blocked from moving forward in certain circumstances, which I struggled to understand as the year went on. 
I am learning and I have learned to truly let go and give up everything to God and my angels to handle as I have done my best this year and I accept certain  situation are not within my control and there is nothing left for me to do when it comes to certain aspects of my life.  Borderlining the seven year is a lesson of the number nine(which November is my nine person month) and that is a lesson of learning to let go.  Just in the past three years alone, I have experience deep losses on nearly every level and unnecessary heartache. I have formed deep connections and attachments to others only to at this point find them now weaken or completely gone.
For all my struggles, loss, and pain, some obvious to those around me and some issues unseen, this is the year that forced me to dig even deeper spiritually and reach out for spiritual assistance. Just when I thought I learned enough and had enough, then turns out there is still much more to learn and experience. Over these past few days alone, I have finally learned to give up on issues that I stubborningly would not let go of, even though I knew there was nothing left to do on my part. Ironically the more I held on the more it caused me pain and confusion. It took me this entire year, up to a few days ago, to finally give up.

Sometimes we have to learn to hand over certain circumstances, situations, and battles over to higher powers to work it out. Some battles are truly not ours to fight(alone). Knowing when to take a step back and relinquish control to a higher source is often a key to moving on in life and a possible key to not repeating the same lessons over and over. I believe the seven personal year places a purposeful focus on such "control" related issues so that we can learn when to give up, let go, and allow spiritual forces to intercede when we have done all that we can within our power.

In life, but especially when a seven vibration is concerned,I have found help, relief, and answers can be discovered through two main ways:searching deeper within oneself and seeking assitance from a spiritual source.I can say I am coming out of this year a much stronger person, especially spiritually, so I am grateful for the lessons taught by the seven personal year.

From a numerology standpoint, I believe in 2012 things will ease up a bit more for us all as we exit the four universal year of 2011 and come into the five universal year of 2012. I will be working on a numerology prediction for 2012 this week and post towards the middle to near end of November.

I've Been Slow On Emailing This Year, I Know....

Towards the middle of this year I had to take a break from emailing, so if I have not responded to you, it is nothing personal. I have felt very easily overwhelmed this year and have taken lots of breaks on many things, so again it is nothing personal and all breaks were much needed . My energy is beginning to pick back up as November is rolling in and I’m feeling pumped up about writing here again. Throughout this year I've thought of all the things I want to write here and all the things I want to share with you all. I will be writing much more here this November and updating this blog on a regular basis, especially as far as updating sections and publishing certain post that are hidden.
I do have lots of plans for this blog and much that I want to share. Before the year ends I really want to review the 2011 numerology prediction and keep you all reguarly updated on what I am working on numerology wise through twitter. So please feel free to follow me on twitter. It has been awhile since I have used it, but I will begin updating on what I am working on via tweets so for the latest updates be sure to follow me.

 So far this what I am planning for November:
  • Mid-end of November offering of 2012 numerology readings, all done by me, not computer generated. Adding  good/new changes to my usual  numerology readings:)
  • Considering offering name numerology analysis services soon….
  • My Numerology Prediction for 2012….
  • Adding more content to this blog, including updating old post, more writing, and taking certain post off of hidden mode….

I hope you all have been well. I do appreciate you all taking the time to visit, read through my posts, all the comments posted, and questions posed. If you have any suggestions for me, please feel free to email me your thoughts. I am by no means perfect,nor will I ever claim to know everything about anything, so if you have suggestions on what I can do to be of better help/service please let me know. Keep in mind I’m still learning and growing spiritually. I am very much human. My goal is to help others through numerology, so any ideas, feedback, or suggestions will be considered and appreciated . Much love to all!  :)

-          Crystal