May 19, 2011

Jennifer Aniston Numerology Prediction Came True...Again....

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Regarding Jennifer Aniston - I wrote this on December 30, 2010:
".....I am coming into a seven year (2011), and I know the seven personal year is a slow time of deep soul searching and especially figuring out our place in life, especially career and business wise. I believe 2011 Jennifer Aniston may be making a comeback in a major way, even if it is behind the scenes where some sort of new business is emerging. The number eight represents power, money, major spending, business, and style – so pay close attention to Jennifer Aniston next year and take note of how the eight personal year (which some of you reading this might be in) will affect her. New business opportunities may open up for her, she may reinvent her style, and/or she might make a significant "newsworthy" purchase (such as a house). Just like us regular Joe’s, being in an eight personal year will hold some sort of a financial significance for her – being a celebrity, just causes it to be on much larger scale...."

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In the News:
Jennifer Aniston Buys $5.9 Million New York Penthouse

Selling Beverly Hills Home for $42 Million

Jennifer Aniston Debuts Perfume in U.S.

All occuring this year, in her eight personal year in numerology, and we are  not even half-way through this year yet!

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