May 21, 2011

Crystal The World Is Ending Today!!!! 5/21/2011

LOL.....I almost wrote about this yesterday, but decided not to. The topic kept popping up in my face and it hits on the same vibration as 2012. I will be as brief as possible - as I have a whole blog post regarding 2012 to write about that relates. I actually wrote a little bit about some of my thoughts on 2012, so you can search this blog on the keyword "2012" to read a bit more about it.

Well, my ten-year-old brother, Jason, called me this morning and said "Crystal do you know the world is ending today!" I laughed, I said, well are people out in the street acting "crazy", lol. He said, "yeah kind of...". That is when I decided to point out something here numerology wise.

May 2011 carries three main vibrations. It always carries the five vibration for being the fifth calendar month, it carries the four universal year vibration for this year being 2011, and it carries a nine universal month vibration. If I was writing a numerology prediction for May (which of course is too late for that) I would go through how each vibration would affect the month of May -  I might write a numerology prediction for the month of June....

For now I just want to talk a bit about the five vibration (which hint hint 2012 will be a five universal year next year and I will write all about that soon). You cannot have set expectations for a five vibration and never expect it to go in a widely expected way. The number five is a rebellious, highly unpredictable surprising/shocking energy. In my numerology readings, I always say when a five is involved, you can expect the unexpected and plans do not go the way you plan when a number five vibration is involved. The number five is high energy and a constantly unpredictable one.

I am noticing the five seems to draw a mass expectation of what things will be like only to turn out to be nothing that is expected by the masses. It is never a good idea to have set plans when a number five is involved as plans will turn upside down and not the way you expect. Maybe the world would have possibly ended on this date if those believers weren't expecting it to? but seriously, the bible tells us no one knows when the world will end. So it is surprising to me that those whom read the bible seem to go right over what the bible states and create this big uproar. Why?!!!! (Why some turn away from Christianity? One reason is due to religious fanatics)

Just continue to live life and when ever the end hits, it just does, but it is not something anyone can predict. Only God knows. I will never ever be able to calculate a date that equals the end of the world, so do not ask. For those whom truly believe in specific dates in which the world will end - Read through your bible....

I do not need numerology to tell me the world is going to end on a set date....

Mark 13:32 "No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.

Acts 1:7 He said to them: "It is not for you to know the times or dates the Father has set by his own authority.

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