May 19, 2011

Basic Name Numerology Lesson #1 Your Name Has Meaning

It has been awhile since I have written, so I am glad to be able to post this today. When I see a name, I tend to automatically transfer it into number form; it is such a natural thing for me that I tend to forget that others do not always realize or see names and numbers in the way that I do. My goal is to provide you all with insight on how I view vibrations in numerology, so that you can learn to examine names and make discoveries on your own. So I will be writing (before summer school begins) a series of post on some basic lessons I have learned in numerology, some lessons from traditional numerology and some lessons based on my discoveries.

Before any calculations or examinations, it is important to first realize that your name does influence your life. Every letter of your name has meaning. Every letter of your name can be assigned a number 1-9. If numerology and name numerology is completely foreign to you – Learn This important LESSON! Your name contains vibration that hold meaning that influences your life! The letters of your name not only hold meaning, but it also has an effect on your connection with others.Your name is not visibly just a bunch of letters. You name is a bunch of number of vibrations (with its own traits) that has always held major influence in your life, since being named, whether you have realized it or not.

So far I have learned and discovered....

  • Changing your name, depending on the name change, will change your life in some form and your connection with others

  • No such thing as a perfect name as all vibrations have downsides and upsides

  • Each letter of a name is assigned a single digit number – which is the number vibration – from that point all sorts of calculations and examinations can be done

  • Some number vibrations are no good together (place together) and clash – possibly causing internal conflicts within the individual

  • Two main methods of reading names vibration – through Pythagorean assignment of numbers to letters, which reveals the outside layer of an individual, or through Chaldean assignment of numbers to letters which reveals a more hidden, inward layer of an individual

  • There is such thing as having too much of a particular number/letter vibration and having too much of a particular vibration will most likely show up as some sort of major issue one has with his or herself, or life

  • Each number 1-9/letter vibration carries a particular trait/characteristic
I write this especially for those very new to numerology and name numerology. I know some of you are already aware of some of what was mentioned above and I will continue to go into deeper details as time goes on.

As a first basic lesson in name numerology, I feel it is important that you do know, that indeed your name has much more meaning and influence than you realize. In our early school years, we learn to write our names not realizing how much our names and the letters within them are more than just letters!

At the moment I am not offering any numerology readings and I do not usually offer name numerology related readings,but due to request I have received over this year I am considering offering name numerology reading towards the end of summer. I have much more to write within a couple of days and weeks, so follow this blog or subscribe to receive the latest updates from this blog. Also bookmark this page for more lessons. As I write numerology "lessons" I will place a link here.

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