March 23, 2011

Thousands of Gulf Oil Spill Clean-Up Crew Are Now Dying!

Found this through facebook post, please watch. I did not know the cleanup crews of the BP oil disaster are now dying and need of deep medical help - suffering from serious neurological damage and are being given the run around now that they are in need of medical attention. Please say prayers and at the very least please share this video and get the word out. The more attention this issue receives the more likely a life can be saved. If you cannot see the video below please visit the direct link provided:

"....Jennifer Rexford, a BP-hired oil spill cleanup worker has been documenting her condition that is getting worse by the day. Filming herself and her coworkers, all American workers, all are DYING and BP is NOT taking responsibility!!!! Severe neurological damage, paralysis, internal bleeding, death!"

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