March 16, 2011

Seeing Repeating Repeated Names and Symbols Everywhere


My last post related a bit to seeing the name "Nate" and not really understanding what I was being pointed too until today...  There is a another name which shall remain nameless I connected it to an actual (new) person with the name that will most likely have a major impact on me - I have just discovered the name connection today. There are other names, besides Nate, that I have been seeing since moving out to Northern Cali and I've been wondering are these futuristic people that I will meet? or is this past life related? I just cannot figure it out and I still do not completely understand it.

I do not know anyone with this one particular name and I would not typically usually expect to meet a person with this name. For the past weeks, I started seeing the name again strongly just as we sometimes notice certain repeating numbers on cars, billboards, etc. Today I figured the reason for Nate and today I figured the reason for seeing the other particular name strongly since moving out here. It is related to a new person that is most likely going to have a strong impact on my life.

I am not going to say that particular name but along with seeing that name early on in the year I noticed the name Diane also. I cannot figure out where that connects to. I have not met a Diane since elementary school - actually her name was Diana, so I have never really met someone name Diane. When I think of it my fifth grade teacher was name Diane, but I have never had friend or relative with that name. These names were so frequent that I recorded them in my journal a year ago.Recently I also noticed the word "swift", my first name, and star images -which stars seem to be my lucky symbol as I have begun to see them frequently especially in the past months. I have seen stars and find them so randomly that now I just consider it my lucky symbol. I am now especially attracted to anything with stars on it.

The Star symbol has been a very frequent symbol for me especially since starting school, so much so this one guy that caught the same bus and train as me = was walking in front of me and I noticed he had a small random star sticker stuck on the back of his shirt weeks ago. That is how random the symbol appears. The star symbol has always followed me and with the letters in my first name you can for the word star.I guess I am only just starting to notice it. Just to show you numbers are not the only "repeated" symbols that follow----- omg! 2:50PM my bf knows all about these names and he is reading his kindle and he mentions that particular name(that I cannot mention) which is in the story he is reading, lol.

Kindle is a pretty cool device by the way. I got it for him as an early B-day present. ------ So yes numbers are not the only symbols and signs that repeat sometimes names, words, and even symbolic images repeat themselves. I do not know completely what it all means, but it is not really too shocking as angels do speak to us in a variety of ways. I just wish I knew what it all meant exactly or what it is all leading to?

So if you are seeing a name repeatedly and especially when it does not all relate to anyone you know (or have ever known) -make a note of it and jot the name down - it just might be a small key to someone in the future. If you have experienced anything like this email me and let me know. I have searched online and have not found much information about it so email me if you have experienced something similar.

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