February 24, 2011

Celebrity Prediction Jennifer Aniston Fashion Numerology Prediction Came True

Jennifer Aniston Hairstyle 2011

I have written only a few celebrity predictions for the year 2011. The most recent ones were written and posted towards the end of last year. I do plan to write much more about celebrities for the year 2012 - I will do that most likely towards the end of this year. I am not really into celebrities or their lives, believe it or not. I just pick out random ones that are of interest to me or those that are continually making headlines, so if you have any ideas for celebrities that you would like me to write about please feel free to send me ideas. I have much to do today, trying not overload/overwhelm myself, but this is something I had to stop by here and write about.

One celebrity numerology prediction I did write about involved Jennifer Aniston. Like I always say, I do not bash celebrities, so you are not going to get that from me. I write numerology predictions about celebrities mainly to demonstrate the different aspects of numerology and how they affect an individual. Our celebrities are our best examples as they are of course in the forefront for all of us to see. So celebrities and those who are well-known make great examples when it comes to demonstrating the various aspects of numerology. When it comes to celebrities I keep my focus positive, so always remember that.

Towards the very end of last year I wrote about Jennifer Aniston. One of my major mentions regarding Jennifer was related to fashion and being in an eight personal year in numerology : Here are direct quotes from that post:

“…The Number "8" Is Also Symbolic for Fashion.....

……The number eight represents power, money, major spending, business, and style – so pay close attention to Jennifer Aniston next year and take note of how the eight personal year (which some of you reading this might be in) will affect her. New business opportunities may open up for her, she may reinvent her style, and/or she might make a significant "newsworthy" purchase (such as a house). Just like us regular Joe’s, being in an eight personal year will hold some sort of a financial significance for her – being a celebrity, just causes it to be on much larger scale……”

“….Fashion/style and shopping also represent the number “8”. Think 80’s – the 80’s were govern by the number “8”, and the 80’s, indeed was a decade of interesting fashions and fads. So pay attention to Jenn next year. I’m sure she has already felt the need to break out of the slow seven personal year (2010) and like Rihanna (also in an eight year for 2011) she will be back and ready for business next year(2011)…..”

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Eight represents fashion, power, style, money, and materialism. This includes trendsetting! So I am not shocked that she is causing huge waves due to her new hairstyle. Not surprised that the haircut is really to  promote an upcoming movie. Promote, promotions, promoting, and business related activities are all eight vibration keywords. She is definitely breaking away from the "Rachael" look we are use to. The new style now being termed “the Aniston Bob” which looks very cute by the way. I read that she might not like her new cut, but I think it is cute. After a slow year such as the seven personal year of last year was for her(and is for me right now,lol :) ). I still feel she is going to make a nice comeback in some way this year. Much love and congrats to Jenn! Go get ‘em girl!!! She is sweet, but she is a fighter. No matter what is going on for her personally she always seems to keep her spirit strong, and just keeps on going and fighting.

The eight personal year is an excellent year to refine your fashion style. Naturally we feel the need to change up our style a bit when the eight personal year rolls around. Taking chances in fashion in an eight personal year usually pans out well and you never know you might be the next one to set a trend! Again when we think of the number “8” and fashion, think of the 80’s era. Everyone seemed fashionable in the 80's and trends were all the rage back then. I am a proud 80’s baby (born 1984), but those older than me might recall the unique fashion of the 80’s much more better than I can.

Cool 80's links

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Many of my numerology predictions are coming true. So far, The 2011 predictions for the world are coming true and many others also are coming true. I understand numerology from a traditional perspective, but I also understand numerology from a very unique perspective, and my ultimate goal is to teach this to all of you, so that you can think of life in terms of numbers – and use numerology in your own life. My goal is to share, so continue to follow this blog – I appreciate the views and feedback. I am a little slow right now in responding to emails, but I will get back to everyone as soon as possible. Have a blessed day and stay safe out there!

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Jennifer Aniston Debuts New Short Cut

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February 4, 2011

2011 Adding Birth Year and Age To Equal 111 Numerology

This is very interesting and I wanted share this with those whom haven't tried it. I received several emails on this and wanted to share with all of you. Thanks Monte for being the first to bring it to my attention and to all those whom emailed this to me :)

I tried this and it is really true....The mystery lies in why do we all equal 111? Very interesting...

Try This:

"This year we will experience 4 unusual dates.... 1/1/11, 1/11/11, 11/1/11, 11/11/11 .... NOW go figure this out.... take the last 2 digits of the year you were born plus the age you will be this year and it WILL EQUAL TO 111."

I did notice 111 on the clock today, along with many other repeating numbers :)

I know it has been awhile since I have posted, but I am doing well and enjoying school! So thanks for all the well wishes. I should have new post coming up in February, so watch for that. Much blessings to you all, I appreciate you all very much - even if it just a view, a comment, or email - it really does mean allot to me.