January 3, 2011

Twins Born In Different Years

There is an interesting story that surfaced today of twins being born a minute apart but in different years. One born 12/31/2010. The other baby born a minute later 1/1/2011.
"Madisen was born at 11:59 p.m. on New Year's Eve 2010 and her brother Aiden was born one minute later at midnight, 2011." - DailyMailUK
The doctor allowed the parents to make the decision of whether or not they wanted the babies to have unique birth dates, and they will definitely be unique from each other! Based on birth date, these two twins will grow to be very different from one another. If they were born on the same day, they would have basically the same numerology chart, and this would have lead to being what we typically expect from twins - almost identical in personalities. Although twins, these two will be very different from each other indeed. The babies have different significant years.  One is born in a three universal year which adds a bit of “star charm” to her birth, while the other is born in a four universal year and this adds a more "serious" nature to the baby. The most important thing is that mom and babies are doing well, so congrats to this new family, babies are always a blessing. In this case a double blessing click here to read the full story 

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