January 15, 2011

Chaldean Numerology Method vs. Pythagorean Numerology Method Which Is More Accurate?

When I say, I am really into studying number patterns – I really mean it! Numerology is not just a hobby for me, it is real interest of mines. I hope in my advance ages to be known as “the numbers whisper”lol. I go beyond traditional numerology for an even deeper understanding of the influence of numbers in our lives. This is why you will find, on this site, original and unique numerology topics that are not discussed anywhere else. There are fun things about numerology, but when it comes to being numerologist I am very serious about what I do. So I really do examine (as you can tell by the posts on this site) number patterns and piece together how they affect one’s life, personality traits, relationships, etc. I have a real heart for numerology and I enjoy using it to inform and help others, so like I always say please do not hesitate to email me with a question or comment.

Common questions and comments arise when it comes to numerology methods:

What method of numerology do you use?

Which method is best Chaldean or Pythagorean?

Is Pythagorean method inaccurate?

"Chaldean is way more accurate…"

I say both methods of numerology are accurate! I have heard of people saying such things as, I don’t like a particular something in numerology because it uses Pythagorean method, but the truth is there is much to be revealed by both methods.

When it comes to both methods it is as if we are almost comparing a soul to a body. Let us say Chaldean is your soul and Pythagorean method is your body. We do not "discredit" our bodies and consider it invalid, saying our soul is all that matters. Even though our flesh is temporary and more of a capsule, we understand that our flesh also has influence on our soul – as long as we are living both are intertwined, and even in spirit we are sometimes still affected by our old fleshly selves. While living - we are not just a soul and a body. We are a body containing a soul. It is the same with Pythagorean and Chaldean method - one is not more accurate than the other. One is superficial and reveals surface truths – the body. One is inward, and provides a deeper inward understanding – the soul.

Astrology Numerology Comparison of Chaldean and Pythagorean Method

I have found that Pythagorean method reveals more of an outer layer, while Chaldean reveals an inner soul layer that is hidden beneath the surface. So we have Pythagorean on the outside and we have Chaldean underneath that layer.

If we had to compare it to astrology, it would be very similar to the rising ascendant sign and the sun sign.

Our sign sun reveals our inner layer while our rising/ascendant sign reveals our outer layer. If you see someone who appears to be a Scorpio just from an outward look, that person may very well be Scorpio rising/ascendant, regardless of their sun sign. This is why it is wise to look at your total astrology chart as you are more than just your sun sign( click here for a list of my favorite free sites – in which you will find a link to my favorite free astrology websites) It is the exact same thing when it comes to Chaldean vs. Pythagorean.

Due to this new introduction of the 13th zodiac sun sign, Ophiuchus and the shift of zodiac signs, I am in a deep astrological identity crisis –I don’t know what sun sign I am anymore. Am I Virgo or Libra? There are so many different reports, which say it is true the signs have changed and then it is not true. I don’t know what to believe. I am so confused about my sun sign – for a month, I don’t want anyone to ask, “What sign are you?” lol…..Although I do feel Virgo matches me….but anyways,lol. I digressed, for simplicity sake, for this post, I am going to stick to Libra.

My sun sign is Libra (?), but my rising/ascendant sign is Scorpio. Just because my outward appearance may appear as Scorpio, does it automatically make my sun sign inaccurate? Of course not! I still have Libra (?) traits even though my outward appearance may not appear to be Libra. I am not my sun sign one day and then I take a break and become my rising ascendant sign - they are both intertwined (along with many other factors) to become one complicated person named “Crystal” :)

All the various aspects of one’s astrology chart hold meaning and are valuable. It is the same when it comes Chaldean and Pythagorean. There is knowledge to be gained from both. We don’t have to discredit one method to follow another. When I want a general surface feel and understanding of things I turn to Pythagorean. If I want a deeper understanding of what may be hidden I turn to Chaldean.

The most visible difference between the two lays in the arrangement of letters assigned to each number. In Chaldean, the number 9 is considered sacred. In Chaldean calculation,the number nine is so sacred that the number nine is not assigned to a letter. This cause a shift of numbers assigned to letters (actually very similar to the recent zodiac shift when the 13th sign was introduced)

So the Pythagorean chart looks like this:

1= A J S 2= B K T 3= CLU 4= DMV 5=ENW 6=FOX  7=GPY 8= HQZ 9 = IR

Chaldean chart looks this, notice the shift of letters in comparison to the previous chart, also take note, the number nine is not in the chart:

1= A I J Q Y 2= BKR 3= C G L S 4= DMT 5= EHNX 6= UVW 7= OZ 8= FP

Final Word: Pythagorean vs. Chaldean

Some may argue on which is best or have a preference for one method over the other, and that is fine. To each his own. I do use Pythagorean more than Chaldean, as I generally only need a surface understanding of people and connections, but if I wanted to dig further I would use the Chaldean method. I have respect for both methods, as they are both ancient methods and both have proven to be accurate for me.

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