January 4, 2011

Babies Born In A 4 Four Universal Year Such As 2011

*Special Note 1/8/2011 - I didn't expect this to happen but take note how the most popular of the universal babies are now coming to the frontpage of headlines, such as Tyson, Carmelo Anthony, Adam Sandler, etc. It shows me that people truly shine when the universal year they are born in comes around.So if you were born in a four universal year, this is your year to shine! I will write more about it later....

Babies born in four universal years are gifted with a great analytical mind. They are typically the children that are almost "scientifically" curious about how everything works and are often children that enjoy educational related games and activities. It is no wonder, when it comes to various subjects, those touched by the four vibration are knowledgeable on a little bit of everything - that is also why trivia games are especially engaging for anyone with a four vibration. Naturally those born in a four universal year enjoy cerebral related interest,activities, and games, such as word puzzles, educational television, reading, science, math, school, etc. Any type of activity that is complex and challenges their mind and allows appeals to them. So for those of you expecting babies this year – make sure that you purchase toys that stimulate your child's mind four universal year babies are our “little geniuses”.

Sports and musical instruments are also naturally appealing to these children, as most four universal year babies are athletically and musically inclined. Looking at the names below, will give you a great idea of the type of sports four universal children most commonly become interested in professionally. With great ease, four universal year children, are typically able to understand complex subject matters and break them down into easy to understand parts for everyone else. Again, such children, at an early age, should be especially exposed to books, technology especially computers(when suitable and age appropriate), educational games, educational t.v. programming, and also sports – as they are agile and self-disciplined enough to become great athletes (again take a look at the list of athletes below). Whether or not a child decides to pursue an analytical or sports related career path depends on their life path, desire, and purpose in life.

The number four is a serious minded type of vibration -so comedians born in this type of year, might be viewed as not being that funny, as they will have to try a bit harder to lighten up and shake that serious feeling vibration attached to them. Actors and actresses, should pursue serious roles, such as related to law, teaching, any type of dramatic role will fair much better than a comedic role, as again there is a naturally serious tone to those born in a four universal year. We naturally want to take four universal year individuals seriously and we want to learn from them, as they have deep knowledge to share, so comedic type of roles may naturally come under serious criticism.

No matter what career a four universal baby decides to pursue – do know that children born in a four universal year have a deeply analytical mind, so do not underestimate the power of their mind - the story below of Genie (feral child) will prove exactly what I mean by this. The four vibration in general has produced a good majority of our politicians and those whom have had a significant impact on our political realm, scientist, athletes especially olympians, wrestlers, boxers, etc. However, four universal year babies are not the only ones touched with the genius vibration.

Those Possessing The Four Vibration?

You are also gifted with a bit of the  four vibration if: you are born in any of the four universal years (listed below), especially if you are a four life path, have a strong four vibration in your numerology chart,you posses a bit of the four traits if you have at least one of the following letters: “D”,”M”,"T" and “V” in your name. In some way, shape, or form, a great majority of four universal year babies are known for their analytical mind and knowledge, especially of complex matters. Which is why I refer to the four life path as "The Teacher". Four universal year babies brings us a deeper understanding of the mysteries of life – which is why a great majority of "great minds" are born in a four universal year.

Are You Having A Four Universal Year Baby? Do You Know One? Are You One?

The following years are four universal years:

2011, 2002, 1993, 1984, 1975, 1966, 1957, 1948, 1939, 1930, 1921, 1903

Story I Came Across As I am Compiling Birth Dates of Four Universal Year Children...

A 1970's story of a child known as Genie (feral child). Keep in mind Genie was born in a four universal year.  Here is a bit of her story quoted directly from wikipedia:

"Genie is the pseudonym for a feral child who spent nearly all of the first thirteen years of her life locked inside a bedroom strapped to a potty chair. She was a victim of one of the most severe cases of social isolation in American history. Genie was discovered by Los Angeles authorities on November 4, 1970......"

".......Characteristics and personalityThough initially nearly silent, Genie later learned to vocalize and express herself through sign language. While under captivity she was provided with few toys or objects to stimulate her, the majority of her time was spent in a dark room staring at a yellow plastic raincoat. After her rescue, attempts were made to help her speak and socialize. Her demeanor changed considerably, and she became sociable with adults she was familiar with."

"Colorful plastic objects became her favorite objects to collect and play with, and she demonstrated a deep fascination with classical music played on the piano (one of the neighboring children practiced piano regularly, and this was speculated to be the source of her fascination as it was one of very few sensations available to her). Genie developed remarkable nonverbal communication skills; repeatedly she and her caretakers were approached by strangers who would, without being asked, spontaneously give Genie gifts or possessions in which she exhibited an interest....."

This story is a great testament to the mind of four universal year born child....

Unlike three universal year babies, you may not recognize all the names and faces below, but without a doubt the mental and physical prowess of these individuals cannot be denied.

Here are examples of four universal year babies. I have noticed there was a high trend, of notable 1993 births of Japanese children that later became actors, entertainers or involved in sports. Most of those born in a four universal year, no matter what career path is chosen will have a serious, almost studious type of demeanor, an this reflect in the individuals attitude. Four is opposite three, so those that do pursue acting should find serious roles, or educational related roles, such KeKe Palmer in Akeelah and the Bee (she is a four universal year baby). The four vibration is also an excellent match when it comes to law, especially detective related careers as the mind of a four personality has an excellent ability to unravel mysteries.

( ....Very odd thing happen today, as I was writing this I noticed a high trend of  Asian children, mainly Japanese, being born in four universal years, whom later became actors, actress, etc.,  It made me wonder, does every four universal year have some sort of special affect on Asian countries such as Japan? - not to long ago an earthquake struck the Japan area. It is currently 7:30PM, I began all of this writing early this morning, right now I'm just editing, so I am going to look more into a possible connections between Asian countries and the four universal year...The trend caught my attention, but when they earthquake struck it really grabbed my attention)

UPDATE: 12/11/2012
As I read over this today and what was written nearly a year ago. I am bit shocked that I had forgotten what I have written. Now looking back on what occurred a couple of months later on March 2011 in Japan I find that particular above section a bit eerie. As I became really busy with school, I never got around to looking at connections between yearly number vibrations and how it is beginning to seem, even as I have written my 2012 prediction, it seems some regions are more affected by a particular yearly number for some reason I cannot quite pinpoint yet. The quake mentioned in the above paragraph was a 5.7 earthquake that struck off Japan's Izu island.

Below is a link to article from around that time. The 5.7 grabbed my attention, but after posting here I completely forgot what I wrote until today. I will begin to look into connections soon and as always I will post what I discover:

English RUVR Article 5.7 Japan Izu Island Strikes

* * * End of Update * * * 12/11/2012 12:39 PM PST * * *
Some well-known four universal year born babies include Mark Zuckerman - founder and C.E.O of facebook, LeBron James(basketball player), Elian Gonzalez (cuban born child involved in the middle of heated controversy between the U.S. and Cuba) Shawn Michaels (wrestler), Mike Tyson (boxer), Jimmy Wales (founder of Wikipidea) Tim Hardaway (basketball player) Goldberg (wrestler), Carmelo Anthony(basketball player) Bret Hart (wrestler) Note:1/7/2011 - I forgot all about 1975 -  people born this year representing the four vibe - Tito Ortiz, American mixed martial arts fighter, Ray Lewis (football player), Allen Iverson, Lauryn Hill, Tobey Maguire(actor), 50 cent, Torrie Wilson( wrestler), Kate Winslet, Joe Mays(baseball player), Eugene (wrestler), Tiger Woods!

Take notice of the singers - they are known for strong political views or powerful lyrics that teach us something. Those born in a four universal year that end up becoming actors are best known for serious, dramatic roles.


Elian Gonzalez Pictures, Images and Photos
January 4 – Scott Redding, English Grand Prix motorcycle racer
February 9 – Parimarjan Negi, Chess prodigy from India
February 17 – Marc Márquez, Spanish Grand Prix motorcycle racer
February 23 – Kasumi Ishikawa, Japanese table tennis player
April 16 – Mirai Nagasu, Japanese-American figure skater
May 20 – Caroline Zhang, American figure skater
August 17 – Sarah Sjöström, Swedish swimmer
December 6 – Elián González, Cuban refugee

Take notice of how many, notable athletes were born in 1984, especially olympic related sports - which 1984 was a big olympic year...

January 1 – Michael Witt, Australian rugby league player
January 8 – Jeff Francoeur, American baseball player
January 10 – Marouane Chamakh, Moroccan football player
January 12 – Scott Olsen, American baseball player
January 13 – Eleni Ioannou, Greek martial artist (d. 2004)
January 15 – Megan Quann, American swimmer
January 16 – Craig Beattie, Scottish footballer
January 17 – Cassie Hager, American basketball player
January 18 – Seung-hui Cho, Korean-born American Virginia Tech massacre gunman (d. 2007)
January 19 -
Thomas Vanek, Austrian Hockey player
Trent Cutler, Australian rugby league player
Zakia Mrisho Mohamed, Tanzanian long distance runner
January 23 – Arjen Robben, Dutch footballer
January 24 – Witold Kiełtyka, Polish musician (d. 2007)
January 25 -
Robinho, Brazilian footballer
Stefan Kiessling, German football player
January 26 – Luo Xuejuan, Chinese swimmer
January 28 – Andre Iguodala, American basketball player
January 29 -
Nuno Morais, Portuguese footballer
Natalie du Toit, South African swimmer
February 1 - Darren Fletcher, Scottish football player
February 5 -
Nate Salley, American football player
Carlos Tévez, Argentinian football player
February 6 – Darren Bent, English footballer
February 16 – Oussama Mellouli, Tunisian swimmer
February 20 – Ben Lovejoy, American hockey player
February 25 -
Filip Šebo, Slovak footballer
Xing Huina, Chinese athlete
February 26 – Emmanuel Adebayor, Togoleise footballer
February 29 -
Alicia Hollowell, American softball pitcher
Cullen Jones, American swimmer
March 1 - Claudio Bieler, Argentinian football player
March 4 -
Tamir Cohen, Israeli footballer
Lebron James Pictures, Images and Photos
Zak Whitbread, American soccer player
March 9 – Julia Mancuso, US Olympic medalist
March 16 -
Michael Ennis, Australian rugby league player
Hosea Gear, New Zealand Rugby Union player

March 20 -
Fernando Torres, Spanish football player
March 24 – Chris Bosh, American basketball player
April 3 – Allana Slater, Australian gymnast
April 4 – Sean May, American basketball player
April 7 – Alex Smith, American football player
April 9 – Adam Loewen, Canadian pitcher
April 13 – Kris Britt, Australian cricketer
April 14 – Kyle Coetzer, Scottish cricketer
April 20 -
John Jairo Castillo, Colombian football player
Tyson Griffin, American MMA fighter
April 23 – Alexandra Kosteniuk, Russian chess player
April 29 -
Lina Krasnoroutskaya, Russian tennis player and commentator
Pham Van Quyen, Vietnamese footballer
May 1 - Alexander Farnerud, Swedish footballer
May 11 – Andrés Iniesta, Spanish footballer
May 12 – Junie Browning, American MMA fighter
May 14 -
Michael Rensing, German footballer
Mark Zuckerberg, Founder and CEO of Facebook
May 14 – Gary Ablett Jr., Australian rules footballer
May 17 -
Christine Robinson, Canadian water polo player
Andreas Kofler, Austrian ski jumper
May 25
Kyle Brodziak, Canadian ice hockey player
carmelo anthony Pictures, Images and Photos

May 29 - Carmelo Anthony, American basketball player
May 31 - Milorad Čavić, Serbian swimmer
June 1 -
Oliver Tielemans, Dutch race-car driver
Naidangiin Tüvshinbayar, Mongolian judoka
June 8 -
Todd Boeckman, College quarterback
Andrea Casiraghi, Prince of Monaco
Javier Mascherano, Argentinian footballer
June 9 – Wesley Sneijder, Dutch footballer
June 11 – Vágner Love, Brazilian footballer
June 13 – Bérengère Schuh, French archer
June 15 – Tim Lincecum, American baseball player
June 16 – Rick Nash, Canadian hockey player
June 24 – J. J. Redick, American basketball player
June 25 – Lauren Bush, American model
June 26 – Raymond Felton, American basketball player
June 27
July 1 – Donald Thomas, Bahamian high jumper
July 3 -
Syed Rasel, Bangladeshi cricketer
Manny Lawson, American Football player
July 11 -
Tanith Belbin, Canadian figure skater
Joe Pavelski, American hockey player
July 18 -
Lee Barnard, English footballer
Josh Harding, Canadian hockey player
July 19 -
Diana Mocanu, Romanian swimmer
July 21 – Paul Davis, American basketball player
July 23 – Brandon Roy, National Basketball Association player
July 26 – Kyriakos Ioannou, Cypriot high jumper
July 28 – Zach Parise, American hockey player
July 30 -Anna Bessonova, Ukranian rhythmic gymnasts
August 1 – Bastian Schweinsteiger, German football player
August 2 – Brandon Browner, National Football League player
August 6 – Marco Airosa, Angolan footballer
August 12 - Sherone Simpson, Jamaican athlete
August 14 – Clay Buchholz, Major League Baseball Pitcher
August 14 – Robin Söderling, Swedish tennis player
August 17 – Garrett Wolfe, American pro football player
August 22 – Lee Camp, English footballer
August 24 - Charlie Villanueva, American basketball player
August 25 – Alvin Banks, American football player
September 7 -
Farveez Maharoof, Sri Lankan cricketer
Vera Zvonareva, Russian tennis player
September 15 – Prince Harry of Wales
September 20 – Brian Joubert, French figure skater
September 25 – Rashad McCants, National Basketball Association player
October 1 – Matt Cain, American baseball player
October 3 - Anthony Le Tallec, French footballer
October 4 - Álvaro Parente, Portuguese racing driver
October 10 - Steve Turner, Australian rugby league player
October 14 – Santino Quaranta, American soccer player
October 16 - Ben Smith, Australian rugby league player
October 17 - Randall Munroe, American programmer and webcomic artist
October 18 - Holly Dunaway, boxer
Lindsey Vonn, American alpine skier
October 19 – Kaio Almeida, Brazilian swimmer
October 21 – Marvin Mitchell, American football player
October 22 – Jonathan Helwig, American MMA fighter
October 23 – Meghan McCain, Author and Daughter of Senator John McCain
October 26 – Sasha Cohen, American figure skater
October 27 -
Brady Quinn, American football player
Irfan Pathan, Indian cricketer
October 28 – Obafemi Martins, Nigerian footballer
October 29 – Eric Staal, Canadian hockey player
November 9 -
Beatrice Bofia, Cameroonian-American basketball player
November 12 – Yan Zi, Chinese tennis player
November 24 - Maria Riesch, German alpine skier
November 25 - Ian Lacey, Australian rugby league player
November 28 - Andrew Bogut, Australian basketball player
Marc-André Fleury, Canadian hockey player
November 29 – Sitti Navarro, Philippine bossa nova artist
November 30 – Alan Hutton, Scottish professional footballer
December 7 – Robert Kubica, Polish Formula One racing driver
December 12 – Daniel Agger, Danish football (soccer) player
December 14 – Chris Brunt, Northern Irish footballer
December 15 -
Yu Fengtong, Chinese speed skater
Martin Skrtel, Slovakian footballer
December 27 -
Tye'sha Fluker, American basketball player
December 28 -
Martin Kaymer, German golfer
Festus, American professional wrestler
December 30 – LeBron James, American basketball player

1975 (1/7/2011, sorry I forgot to add this one. )

Mike Tyson Pictures, Images and Photos
January 1 - Anna Burke, Australian politician
January 5 – Kate Schellenbach, American musician
January 8 – Igor Vyazmikin, Russian ice hockey player
January 19 -
Stefan Edberg, Swedish tennis player
Floris Jan Bovelander, Dutch field-hockey player
January 22 – Jegath Gaspar Raj, Tamil Maiyam Founder
January 29 – Romário, Brazilian footballer
January 30 – Hans Tutschku, German composer
February 1 – Michelle Akers, American footballer
February 5 – José María Olazábal, Spanish golfer
February 7 – Kristin Otto, German swimmer
February 8 – Hristo Stoichkov, Bulgarian footballer
February 9 – Ellen van Langen, Dutch athlete
February 10 – Daryl Johnston, American football player
February 17 – Luc Robitaille, Canadian hockey player
February 18 – Richard A Collins, British scientist and author
February 22 -
Yahya Ayyash, Palestinian bombmaker
Brian Greig, Australian politician
Gordon Pictures, Images and Photos
February 25 -
Samson Kitur, Kenyan athlete
February 27 – Alison Gertz, American AIDS activist (d. 1992)
March 3 - Nick Rhodes (biochemist), British scientist
March 4 - Kevin Johnson, American basketball player
March 5 – Michael Irvin, American football player
March 6
- Maurice Ashley, American chess grandmaster
Yahya Ayyash, Palestinian terrorist (d. 1996)
March 7 - Jeff Feagles, American football kicker
March 9 – Tony Lockett, Australian rules footballer
March 10 - Mike Timlin, American baseball player
March 16 – Rodney Peete, American football quarterback
March 19 – Nigel Clough, English footballer
March 22 – Antonio Pinto, Portuguese long-distance runner
March 25 -
Tom Glavine, American baseball player
Jeff Healey, Canadian guitarist (d. 2008)
Anton Rogan, Northern Irish footballer
March 29 – Krassimir Balakov, Bulgarian footballer
April 2 – Teddy Sheringham, British footballer
April 3 – Miina Tominaga, Japanese seiyu (voice actress)
April 8 - Bobby Ologun, Nigerian television personality and martial artist
April 11 - Dustin Rhodes, American professional wrestler
April 13 – Ali Boumnijel, Tunisian footballer
April 14 -
David Justice, American baseball player
Greg Maddux, American baseball player
April 17 – Malachy McGreevy, Inventor, Atmospheric Generated Water Fire Prevention System
April 18 – Trine Hattestad, Norwegian athlete
April 19 – El Samurai, Japanese professional wrestler
April 20 – David Chalmers, Australian philosopher
April 26 – Natasha Trethewey, Pulitzer Prize winning poet
April 28 – John Daly, American golfer
April 29 – Phil Tufnell, British cricketer
May 5 – Lyubov Yegorova, Russian cross-country skier
May 6 -
Andrea Chiesa, Swiss Formula One driver
Cindy Hsu, American Emmy-Award-winning journalist
May 7 -
Anderson Cummins, Canadian cricketer
Jes Høgh, Danish footballer
May 8 -
Robert J. Behnen, American genealogist and a former member of the Missouri House of Representatives
Rocko Schamoni, German entertainer, author, musician, club proprietor and member of the comedy ensemble Studio Braun
Kamil Kašťák, Czech ice hockey player
Marta Sánchez, Spanish female vocalist, entertainer
Cláudio Taffarel, Brazilian goalkeeper
May 10 -
Mikael Andersson, Swedish ice hockey player
Jonathan Edwards, British athlete
Anne Elvebakk, Norwegian biathlete
Genaro Hernandez, Mexican-American boxer
May 13 -Nereus Acosta, Filipino politician, academician, and political scientist
May 16 -
Juan Manuel Funes, Guatemalan footballer and coach
Thurman Thomas, American football player
May 19 – Sophia Crawford, actress, stuntwoman and martial artist
May 20 – Joey Gamache, American boxer
May 21 – Francois Omam-Biyik, Cameroonian football player
May 22 -Siri Eftedal, Norwegian team handball player and Olympic medalist
May 23 – Graeme Hick, English cricketer
May 24 -
Russell Kun, Nauruan politician
Eric Cantona, French footballer
Francisco Javier Cruz, Mexican football player
May 25 -
Ahmad Reza Abedzadeh, Iranian goalkeeper
Jeff Cross (American football), American football player
May 26 -Zola Budd, South African athlete
May 28 - Theo Bleckmann, German vocalist and composer
May 30 -
Thomas Häßler, German football player
June 2 – Candace Gingrich, American LGBT rights activist
June 4 – Cecilia Bartoli, Italian mezzo-soprano
June 6 – Faure Gnassingbé, President of Togo
June 8 - Jens Kidman, Swedish musician
June 13 – Grigori Perelman, Russian mathematician
June 14 – Matt Freeman, American musician
June 15 – Roberto Carnevale, Italian musician
June 16 – Jan Železný, Czech javelin thrower
June 18 – Kurt Browning, Canadian figure skater
June 19 – Samuel West, British actor
June 21 – Rudi Bakhtiar, American journalist
June 22 -Michael Park, British rally co-driver (d. 2005)
June 23 – Richie Ren, Taiwanese musician
June 25 – Dikembe Mutombo, Congolese basketball player
June 30 -
Mike Tyson, American boxer
Marton Csokas, New Zealand actor
July 1 – Enrico Annoni, Italian footballer
July 3 -
Moisés Alou, American baseball player
Robin Burgener, Canadian programmer, inventor of 20Q
July 5 -Gianfranco Zola, Italian footballer
July 7 – Gundula Krause, German violinist
July 8 -
Ralf Altmeyer, German virologist
Shadlog Bernicke, Nauruan politician
July 15 - Dimitris P. Kraniotis, Greek poet
July 20 – Enrique Peña Nieto, Governor of the State of Mexico (2005–present)
July 22 -
Tim Brown, American football player
Shawn Michaels, American professional wrestler
July 28 – Miguel Angel Nadal, Spanish footballer
July 30 -
Murilo Bustamante, Brazilian mixed martial artist
Allan Langer, Australian rugby league footballer
August 2 – Tim Wakefield, American baseball player
August 4 – Kensuke Sasaki, Japanese professional wrestler
August 7 – Jimmy Wales, American co-founder of Wikipedia
August 10 -
Charlie Dimmock, English TV gardening expert
Hossam Hassan, Egyptian footballer
August 11 – Juan Maria Solare, Argentine composer
August 12 – Les Ferdinand, English footballer
Freddy Rincon, Colombian footballer
August 15 – Scott Brosius, American baseball player
August 23 – Rik Smits, Dutch basketball player
August 26 – Jacques Brinkman, Dutch field hockey player
August 28 – Priya Dutt, Indian social worker and politician
September 1 – Tim Hardaway, American basketball player

September 6 – Eduardo Maruri, Ecuadorian business man and politician
September 7 -
Vladimir Andreyev, Russian race walker
Gunda Niemann-Stirnemann, German speed skater
September 9 -
Georg Hackl, German luger
September 22 - Mike Richter, American ice hockey player
October 1 – George Weah, Liberian politician and football player
October 2 – Rodney Anoa'i, Samoan-American professional wrestler (d. 2000)
October 3 – Rabbi Binyamin Ze'ev Kahane, Israeli settler leader (d. 2000)
October 5 – Inessa Kravets, Ukrainian athlete
October 6 – Niall Quinn, Irish footballer
Goldberg Pictures, Images and Photos
October 8 – Aaron Callaghan, Irish football club executive
October 9 – David Cameron, British Prime Minister
October 10 -
Tony Adams, English footballer
Elana Meyer, South African athlete
October 11 – Stephen Williams (politician), British politician
October 12 – Brian Kennedy, Irish musician and author
October 15 – Jorge Campos, Mexican footballer and coach
October 24 – Roman Abramovich, Russian oil magnate
October 28 – Steve Atwater, American football player
October 31 – Koji Kanemoto, Japanese professional wrestler
November 2 - Yoshinari Ogawa, Japanese professional wrestler
November 3 – Joe Hachem, Lebanese-born Australian poker player
November 7 – Lin Xiaochieh, Burmese leader
November 8 – Gordon Ramsay, British chef
November 13 – Susanna Haapoja, Finnish politician (d. 2009)
November 14 – Curt Schilling, American baseball player
November 21 – Troy Aikman, American football player
November 29 – John Bradshaw Layfield, American professional wrestler
December 1 – Larry Walker, Canadian Major League Baseball player
December 9 -
Kirsten Gillibrand, American politician
Dave Harold, British professional snooker player
Gideon Sa'ar, Israeli politician
Martin Taylor, English footballer
Dana Murzyn, Canadian professional ice hockey defenceman.
Natee Thongsookkaew, Thai football player and former Thailand national team captain
Kadyrbek Sarbayev, foreign minister of Kyrgyzstan
Montserrat Gil Torné, Andorran politician
December 12 -
Último Dragón, Japanese professional wrestler
Greg Long, American Christian musician
Royce Gracie, Brazilian martial artist
December 14 – Bill Ranford, Canadian hockey player
December 16 – Dennis Wise, English footballer
December 17 – Milos Tichy, Czech astronomer
December 19 – Alberto Tomba, Italian alpine skier
December 20 – Ed de Goeij, Dutch footballer
December 22 – Dmitry Bilozerchev, Soviet gymnast
December 25 – Stephen Twigg, British politician
December 27 -
Bill Goldberg, American professional wrestler


bret hart Pictures, Images and Photos

January 6 – Nancy Lopez, American golfer
January 7 -
Katie Couric, American television host
Hannu Kamppuri, Finnish ice hockey goaltender
Julian Solis, Puerto Rican boxer
January 21 – Greg Ryan, American soccer coach
January 22 -
Mike Bossy, Canadian hockey player
Godfrey Thoma, Nauruan politician
January 23 – Princess Caroline of Monaco
January 30 – Payne Stewart, American golfer (d. 1999)
February 9 – Gordon Strachan, Scottish footballer and manager
February 18 - Marita Koch, German athlete
February 20 – Glen Hanlon, Canadian ice hockey coach
February 27 -
Viktor Markin, Russian athlete
Rob de Castella, Australian long-distance runner
February 28 – Ian Smith, New Zealand cricketer
March 4 -
Rick Mast, American NASCAR driver
Jim Dwyer, American journalist and Pulitzer Prize winner
March 9 – Mona Sahlin, Swedish politician
March 10 – Osama bin Laden, Saudi-born Islamic extremist
March 17 – Mal Donaghy, Northern Irish footballer
March 20 - Spike Lee, American film director and actor
March 31 – Alan Duncan, British politician
April 9 – Severiano Ballesteros, Spanish golfer
April 14 – Mikhail Pletnev, Russian pianist, conductor and composer
April 18 – Genie (feral child), "Genie", American feral child
April 22 – Vladimir Alexeyevich Smirnov, Russian businessman
April 25 – Eric Bristow, English darts player
May 14 – Big Van Vader, American professional wrestler
May 15 – Juan José Ibarretxe, Basque Lehendakari (Prime Minister)
May 20 – Stewart Nozette, American astronomer.
May 22 -
Shinji Morisue, Japanese gymnast
May 26 – Pontso Sekatle, Lesotho academic and politician
May 28 – Kirk Gibson, American baseball player
May 29 – Jeb Hensarling, American politician
June 3 – Horst-Ulrich Hänel, German field hockey player
June 10 – Hidetsugu Aneha, Japanese architect
June 12 - Javed Miandad, Pakistani cricketer
June 19 - Anna Lindh, Swedish politician (d. 2003)
June 27 -
John Bolaris, American meteorologist
Georgi Parvanov, President of Bulgaria
June 28 – Lance Nethery, Canadian ice hockey player
July 1 – Hannu Kamppuri, Finnish ice hockey player
July 2 – Bret Hart, Canadian professional wrestler
July 18 – Nick Faldo, British golfer
July 27 – Hansi Muller, German footballer
July 29 – Nellie Kim, Russian gymnast
August 6 – Jim McGreevey, 52nd Governor of New Jersey
August 7 – Alexander Dityatin, Soviet gymnast
August 14 – Peter Costello, Australian politician
August 17 – Robin Cousins, British figure skater
August 20 – Finlay Calder, Scottish rugby player
August 22 – Steve Davis, British snooker player
August 27 – Bernhard Langer, German golfer
HOWLING TIM Pictures, Images and PhotosAugust 30 – Manu Tuiasosopo, American football player
September 8 - Heather Thomas, American actress and activist
September 11 – Preben Elkjaer Larsen, Danish footballer
September 13 – Vinny Appice, American drummer
September 16 – David McCreery, Irish footballer
September 21 - Kevin Rudd, Australian prime minister
September 26 – Luigi De Canio, Italian footballer and football manager
September 28 – Luis Cluzeau Mortet, Uruguayan composer and musician
October 4 – Alexander Tkachyov, Soviet gymnast
October 7 – Jayne Torvill, British ice skater
October 14 – Kenny Neal, American guitarist
October 15 – Stacy Peralta, American director and former skateboarder
October 21 – Wolfgang Ketterle, German physicist, Nobel Prize laureate
October 26 – Bob Golic, American football player
November 15 – Kevin Eubanks, American jazz guitarist
November 27 – Kenny Acheson, Irish race car driver
December 4 – Eric S. Raymond, American open source software advocate
December 6 – Thomas Brinkman, American politician
December 19 – Kevin McHale, American basketball player
December 21 - Tom Henke, American baseball player
December 24 – Hamid Karzai, President of Afghanistan
December 30 - Matt Lauer, American newscaster

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