December 15, 2011

Unexplained Shower of Apples Fall Out of the Sky Onto Small British Town

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Apples falling out of the sky? Not the first time this has happened?
As we are headed towards the end of the year I believe we are going to see more of the 5/3 vibration showing up. I came across an article that is a great example of what I meant when I said in my 2012 numerology prediction the energy is a highly, unpredictable all-of-sudden type of energy and it seems to behave in highly unusual ways. In general, the world is unpredictable, but when a five rolls around it can be a unpredictable to an extreme. A bizarre type of energy it seems, by the end of 2012, if you follow along with updates and world news you will have a great understanding of what I mean.

Take the  article of apples falling out of the sky for example. A shower of apples, about hundred pieces of fruit, has reportedly rained down on a small British town click here to read more about it. There is no explanation for it, it has been suggested a possible tornado swept up the apples and rained them across town. There may very well be a logical explanation for apples falling from the sky and I would really like to know it, if there is one. I am not being sarcastic, I think it is interesting and as I read through news articles on this story I have also read fish have fallen out the sky before. I have never heard of it. First time hearing anything like that falling out the sky.  

I am not expert on the possible causes of apples falling out of the sky but at this point experts have no explanation as well. High winds are being suggested as the cause, but I don't know.....Wouldn't you expect debris in addition to apples to be included? Why just pure fruit if it was high winds or tornado?  Either way seem like some of kind of sign. I don't know.

Very odd indeed, I posted all of this in my updates section for 2012. The story contains the mystery of the 2011 year and the unexpectedness of 2012. I believe we are now still transitioning out of the old years vibration and into our new vibrations, including world universal year and personal years. Visit the link below to read the article. Sadly it was also reported a few days ago that thousands of birds crash landed in Utah. It is starting to sound like the start of 2011 news where we had thousands of wildlife dying off unexplained. Supposedly these particular birds mistook a parking lot for lakes.

No matter what your beliefs are I hope we have learned not to always based the truth on official reports. I am not buying into the birds confusing a parking lot for a lake, and then the earthquake boom in New Jersey was not an earthquake, but the only explanation is maybe lightening or thunder, yet thunder will not cause a house to rock even the weather experts have stated this. Possible sonic boom, nut no one knows.

Apples falling out the sky, and the reason is bad weather or a tornado yet the weather by some has been reported to be calm in the town where apples rained down. Thousands of birds crash land into a parking lot, similar to all the wildlife that were dying out in the beginning of this year, and all that can be said is, thousands of birds simplywere confusing a parking lot for a lake? UFOs was possibly spotted and caught on video during a protest in Russia and I am sure there is a way to reason away 25,000 protesters - witnesses and  all are mistaken? How many odd occurrences must take place to seriously grab peoples attention.
When something involves affects hundreds or thousands upon thousands we cannot keep chalking it off as nothing, at some point we have to pay attention. Hundreds and thousands of people, saying the same thing and with nothing to gain have no reason to lie....

I am always constantly listening to music, especially on youtube and before I read the apples story I felt the urge to listen to "Rain" by Creed on repeat. The song and lyrics had been on my especially the past days and so I finally found the song and started listening to it. I have been in an odd kind of mood lately.....Song/video posted below

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December 11, 2011

Update Posted In: Babies Born In A 4 Four Universal Year Such As 2011

Complete Original Post:
Babies Born In A 4 Four Universal Year Such As 2011

Direct Quote From Post of January 4, 2011:

"......( ....Very odd thing happen today, as I was writing this I noticed a high trend of Asian children, mainly Japanese, being born in four universal years, whom later became actors, actress, etc., It made me wonder, does every four universal year have some sort of special affect on Asian countries such as Japan? - not to long ago an earthquake struck the Japan area. It is currently 7:30PM, I began all of this writing early this morning, right now I'm just editing, so I am going to look more into a possible connections between Asian countries and the four universal year...The trend caught my attention, but when they earthquake struck it really grabbed my attention)....."

UPDATE: 12/11/2012
[Aware of typos, posting it exactly as written typos and all:)]As I read over this today and what was written nearly a year ago. I am bit shocked that I had forgotten what I have written. Now looking back on what occurred a couple of months later on March 2011 in Japan I find that particular above section a bit eerie. As I became really busy with school, I never got around to looking at connections between yearly number vibrations and how it is beginning to seem, even as I have written my 2012 prediction, it seems some regions are more affected by a particular yearly number for some reason I cannot quite pinpoint yet. The quake mentioned in the above paragraph was a 5.7 earthquake that struck off Japan's Izu island.

Below is a link to article from around that time. The 5.7 grabbed my attention, but after posting here I completely forgot what I wrote until today. I will begin to look into connections soon and as always I will post what I discover:

English RUVR Article 5.7 Japan Izu Island Strikes

A few months ago I signed up for google+ just because it was finally open. When I first signed up I noticed all of pictures associated with my google accounts were on there and not knowing what I was doing I deleted all images. I have since permanently canceled my google+ account and my facebook accounts also. For both of my blogs  there are exclamation marks where pictures should be. In this particular post on 2011 babies the picture I had of "Genie" was accidentally deleted so I have placed it back up today. I am considering writing a five universal babies of 2012 post....

November 27, 2011

Numerology Prediction 2012 Universal 5 Year Part 1 Introduction

2012 A Time for Change

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Calculating 2012 5/3 Vibration
I have found that every year is influenced by two main number vibrations not just one. The main and most influential vibration will be the universal year number which is found by simply adding all digits in a particular year and reducing it to a single number.

For example:


2 + 0 + 1 + 2 = 5

Breaks down simply to five, no compound numbers to deal with but typically in numerology more calculations are involved to break down results that remain in compound form. In most cases we break down the results until we reach a single number (master numbers are considered exceptions by some such as 11,22,33,etc). 2012 just happened to break down really simply to the number five.

2012 equating to a number five means 2012 will be a five universal year in numerology. The universal year quite basically is the number vibration which will have influence on world events.  This includes not only wordly influence, but the world’s five vibration will touch our personal lives on some level. When it comes to the universal world year most will stop at the calculation of the entire year as obviously the “name” of the year is 2012, but I like to take it a step further and calculate the “nickname” of the year.

The year will also be known as ’12 and I believe this also causes influence. Very similar to individuals that go by shortened names or nicknames. Nicknames and shortened names carry influence and so does the “shortened” name every year goes by. When we calculate 1 + 2 the result is the number 3. Making the number three another influential vibration. You can consider the number three as a minor influence, but minor does not mean insignificant! It still carries a pretty strong punch, but I say minor as the number five universal year number will have the greatest and most major effect on events.

So for 2012, we have the major influence of the number five and this will make the year officially a five universal year, however, we also have the influence of the number three.

This is a Six Part Post.....
By the time I am done writing this post it will become pretty lengthy so I will be breaking it up into different post, so be sure to continue reading the full prediction by clicking through the all the parts of this reading. There are six parts to this reading. This page you are reading is part one. The remaining parts to this numerology prediction are linked at the end of this page.
Understanding 2012 by Looking Back On Past 5 Universal Years
As mentioned above 2012 will be a five universal year with what I am calling a "minor" three vibration. All my numerology predictions are based on my interpretations of numbers and observations of past patterns of events occurring in the same universal year vibration.  Everything presented here are my observations and by no means law, so take and leave from it what you will. As mentioned in my numerology prediction on 2011, should patterns and events “come true” I believe it is based on my belief that history truly does repeats itself, as in numerology we have cycles the run 1-9 and of course after nine we begin again.

No matter how many thousands of years come and go we only have nine types of years with nine main themes. It goes double for our personal lives. Even as old as one becomes, and even with all the billions of people inhabiting the earth we all live and run through nine types of life themes. If interested in more information on your them in 2012 please feel free to obtain a reading from me and I will explain it all from my point-of-view, if interested click here for more info.
My life right now is not completely where I want it to be, but I still feel a deep down excitement in entering the year of 2012. Again 2012, will be a five universal year with a three vibration. And the number five is a very hyper-exciting-surprising number indeed! After such an arduous, serious year as 2011 was for most of us. Now we should feel the energies beginning to relax a bit and leading us towards exciting uncharted territory. More than any year, I can feel the feeling of heading towards exciting, uncharted territory which is common when dealing with the number five.

I believe the vibration of 2012 is slowly creeping in beginning now as we are in November 2011. It is as if the old vibration of 2011 is wearing off as we head towards the ending of the year and the new years vibration is making its way in early. I am starting to notice this occurrence every year. Even on a personal level you may feel your personal year vibration wearing off way before the year ends.

2012 & The Number 5
When a five occurs it is usually shocking-all-of-a-sudden vibration as continuously and "all of a sudden" and sometimes completely out of nowhere something is taking place in a significant/out-of-the-ordinary type of way. I will give examples of what I mean later on. Hopefully by the end of writing this you will have an understanding of what I mean.
I have found the number five vibration is usually majorly significant when it comes to the keywords listed below in a significant, notable, and often historic way in most cases. I know some themes interconnect and I have a specific reason for stressing certain keywords. You must read through all six parts of this numerology prediction for examples and explanations.

The Number Five Vibration
Record setting weather
Bizarre weather
Volcanic Activity
Fire Outbreaks
Natural Disasters
Issues related to Power(Fig.)
Issues related to Power (Lit.)

The Number Three Vibration
Passing of young (legendary) stars - usually more than one around the same time span
/Passing of legendary people - usually more than one around the same time span
Major Sports News

Entertainment Field
Later in this prediction I will provide examples of these particular keywords as it has significantly impacted the world in past five universal year vibrations. These keywords are important to keep in mind as good majority, if not all of them, historically have played major, significant roles in past universal five years. We do not have to wait till 2012 to watch this vibration unfold in the news headlines. Again, I have found yearly vibrations whether personal or world related tend to slowly creep in early in November!

Start taking notice of events occurring in just this November to the end of December alone and keep in mind the keywords posted above as we go through 2012. I am not at all into watching news, I rarely do, but through the internet we cannot help but find headline news at every turn. So if you are not into watching your local news do pay attention headline online news. Some wait till the beginning of a new year for the new vibration, but again, I cannot help notice yearly number vibrations creeping in beginning around every November-December. At the end of this prediction I will post a page listing updates on events as they occur beginning now.
From 1900-2012....

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It is very interesting to note from the years even beyond 1900's-2012. We only have two years which were five universal years with a three vibration. Those years are the year 2003 and next year 2012! We have only experienced this type of vibration only once before and we are once again headed to this vibration for 2012.  All past five universal years, again from 1900-2011, with the exception of 2003, contained a four vibration instead of the three which simply added more of an extra politically charged nature to past five universal years.

The same four politically charged vibration was brought on this year of 2011 which was the four universal year making it again, even on a personal level, some what of burdensome feeling type of year. Even as hard as 2011 may have seemed for most, no doubt, we have learned to not only to make the best of difficult situations/circumstances, but all hardwork has laid a foundation that we can now build future years upon.

If you want to know what I mean by a politically charged year, please feel free to view my 2011 numerology prediction by clicking here and take note of major headline news made in 2011. The four vibration is hard working burdensome type of year. Most of us may have felt this 2011 vibration, no matter what your personal year, and the five brings great hope of the "difficulties" of the four easing up and giving us a break! Once we hit the "new millennium" we truly ushered in a new age  like no other and with the introduction of the upcoming new year of 2012 we can almost feel this "new age" is still just beginning. Good news is we entering a year that will ease up a bit and give us all a bit of a break.

How many of us kind of have a longing for the way thing were back in the 19-- fill in the blanks. It is something about the "2" vibration in the years 20** that has obviously ushered in a much more spiritually open age than we have been use to. Take a look at how comfortable we have become in discussing the paranormal realm it reflects in today's lastest tv and film. I cannot even keep track of how many tv shows  and movies begin with the word "Paranormal" and enjoy watching them all when I can. It is definitely a good thing, on some level, it shows spiritually the world is become much more open and aware.

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My aim is to use numerology to at least bring about some sort of spiritual awareness. If I am doing a good job please let me know. You'd be surprised how much feedback keeps me writing when I feel like stopping.  When I began this blog I didn't expect the traffic it has received, so I had to eventually remind myself "thousands will be influenced by what I write" and in considering that I I ended up deleting post that might be taken the wrong way if not read through carefully. I am sensitive, and I have a heart and soul, so all feedback and emails mean allot to me. I read and appreciate them all.

There are six parts to this reading; to fully read this numerology prediction for 2012 in its entirety you must read all pages! This is just one part of a 6 post prediction.
Now onto more descriptions and detailed examples of events to be expected from a five universal year such as 2012 will be......

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Numerology Prediction 2012 Universal 5 Year Part 2 The Weather, Natural Disasters, & Fires

 2012 Five Universal Year Weather

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In observing events taking place in past universal five vibrations and five universal years, I have noticed some of the most oddest and bizarre type of weather occurrences occur in the five universal years. Tornado's and hurricanes are usually major when a five vibration is involved and especially when such a vibration is spanning an entire year. The weather in past five vibrations have, in some cases, notoriously set weather records that in some cases still hold today.

We cannot prepare for all the unexpected thrown at us by mother nature, but if somehow you are warned to evacuate your homes due to severe weather please always take it seriously. Mother Nature is often highly unpredictable and unstable and this seems to be especially true when it comes to the five universal years and five vibrations, but in some cases warnings are issued well in advance. 

As I read through certain events I was a bit shocked and saddened by the historical events that have taking place in past five universal years a majority of all which were way before my time but again in some cases warnings were issued and many cases lose of live could have been prevetative.

I write this keeping those in mind that remain in there homes when warned to evacuate. If I can get through to those whom may choose not to take weather evacuations seriously or feel that holding onto their property is more important than their life, if I could reach those people it makes this post worth writing.
If you have read through much of all my post in this blog or have been with this blog since the beginning you may recall how much I have written here regarding the number three vibration especially as it relates to events. When it comes to mother nature the three vibration tends to be major when it comes to  earthquakes. Earthquakes themselves are highly unpredictable very much exactly like the number five vibration. The next page talks a bit more about earthquakes....

There is only so much preparation that can be done and we never know where the next major earthquake will strike. Some individuals, like myself, can literally feel the ground tremble when a powerful earthquake is going to strike minutes, hours or couple of days before taking place and some people out there  can feel earthquakes before they occur and pinpoint locations of upcoming quakes.

I know any time anyone talks about feeling earthquakes no one really takes it serious or believes, so I don't expect anyone to believe or not. I just know I am not the only one and I hope more people that can feel quakes before they strike will come forward. I do not know to much about the ability or what, if anything I am suppose to do with it. I can differentiate which feels are island/offshore related and which ones are powerful hitting inland, but I cannot at all pin exact locations. I am not the only one, I have read many web stories of those that feel the same things I do. Earlier this year I began keeping public track of what I feel in my newest blog. I mention this as scientifically there is no warning system in place to detect upcoming quakes, however, there are those that have some sort of spiritual warning

 ....4:00PM 11/27 UPDATE Ground just jerked as I am writing/editing this right now)....Odd that it is coming on strong while I am writing about earthquakes....

----- What I love about 2012 is that we are headed into the beginning of a deep spiritual awakening and at some point there will be no denying those things of a spiritual nature as spiritual occurrences will become so frequent that it will be difficult to ignore and deny such experiences.

I just imagine if the world was a much more spiritually open minded one what a difference it would make in the world. I do believe and agree with those believing some sort of spiritual awakening is beginning to take place and will continue to do so in 2012 and I am kind of excited about that.
A year such as the five universal year, is usually significantly in a notable major way when it comes to at least one or all keywords listed: the weather, hurricanes, tornadoes, major earthquakes, flooding, mudslides, natural disaster
Fires & the Number Five
I have found the number five to be majorly associated with significant fires in history. I wonder if the six energies within a such a year produces this? These two numbers (5&6) are major conflicting with each other and I have always known this, but it is odd that events related to fires connect to the number six in most cases of the five universal year.

Very much like fire going out of control the number five is a difficult energy to contain. The energy of a five is a rebellious energy and it is one that does not like to be contained into a predictable spot and can be a very unstable energy. The more I am thinking now of the symbol of fire, it seems actually very much fitting to the way a number five operates, in some cases like wildfire.

It spreads how it wishes, is difficult to contain-settle down, and it rebels as it desires. However, in the end destructive rebelliousness leads to seriously sad consequences. The six vibration mentioned is something that I have just noticed as I am completing this numerology prediction and is something I will look more into.
2003 and 2012 are the only years so far carrying the 5/3. All events below are taking place in 5/4 years. 

Sadly, in general, there are many cases of deaths related to fire that could have been prevented. In honor of those preventable deaths caused by fires please, please, please be fire safe and ensure that your home has working installed smoke detectors. I'll will be posting helpful fire safety related links throughout 2012.


1904 Baltimore Fire Aftermath


December 24  Italian Hall Disaster, someone falsely yells fire at a crowded Christmas Party resulting in the trampling death of around 73 people including men, women, and children.

As I browse the list of events of 1922, about halfway through the month of events I notice nothing weather related and I figured it odd that this one five universal year contained no major weather events, until I reached August events of 1922.Even when it comes to sensing earthquakes, anytime an obvious strong vibration is "quiet" and not immediately showin itself, it arises suspicion of something big brewing under the surface. The great majority of the year as far as I am aware of was fine weather wise for nearly eight months and then suddenly the vibration shows itself in a major way....

August 2

September 13


Another year, similar to 1922 in which no major related events are apparent as I scroll the list of events, but again just as in 1922 as soon as hit August the vibration as it relates to weather sets in strong......

August 31 The Yantzee River floods leaving 23 million homeless killing 3.7 million people directly and indirectly, one of the top worst natural disasters in history


St. Paul's Cathedral Saved During Second Great Fire of London

April 23 Rhythm Nightclub fire kills nearly 200 (Mississippi) In a five year, on a five day day approaching a five calendar month
December 29 Second Great Fire of London, series of incendiary bombing raids that kindle 1,500 fires, caused devasting damage, and destroyed/ruined famous buildings



(notice the 13/31 & 3 vibration; dates are on the 3rd, 13th, 31st; 76= 13)
 July 31 Big Thompson River floods in Colorado destroying hundred of cars and homes and taking 145 lives

May of 1985  Five universal year, with a five calendar month vibration; notice 13 & 31; 85=13
May 25 Bangledish Cyclone kills an estimate of 11,000

May 31 41 tornadoes strike Ontario, Ohio, Pennsylvannia, and New York with 14 of those tornadoes being killer tornados resulting in the death of 76. 14/41= 5 - odd?

November 13 Nevado del Ruiz  Volcano erupts killing 23,000 including deaths as result of Lahars

January 17 Northridge earthquake 6.7 magnitude strikes San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles. I remember experiencing this one. I was nine when this occurred. It took the lives of 57, resulted in the injuries of 5,000, caused $20 billion in property damage making it the most costliest quake in U.S. history. It took place at 4:31am. Again with the 13/31 vibration. 6.7= 67 = 13; 4:31am - 31; 94=13 Side note the most costliest in U.S. history and it occurred on an "8" day.

January 19 Cold waves hits east U.S. The coldest temperature in Indiana state history is recorded in New Whiteland, Indiana −36°F

Take notice of how the five vibration seems to occur in two place named Piedmont, odd? eight months apart and in the same year on 3/27 & 11/6
August 1 Worst British Library Fire In Its History; Norwich Central Library burns down destroying most of its historical records

November 6 - Deadly Flood in Piedmont, Italy

Additional information on the 1994 Piedmont Flood

November 8-21 Hurricane Gordon described as following an "erratic" and "unusual path. Affected the Carribean, Florida, and surrounding Islands. Resulting in estimated death of 800-1,200

November 22?? Eruptions of Merapi volcano results in over 60 deaths

Important! As we reach the year of 2003 it has to be understood this year is unlike any five year experience thus far, so far all five universal years contained a four vibration attached.In the universal five years of 2003 and 2012 there is no four politically charged vibration. The usual four is instead replaced with a three vibration, which the three is much more geared towards news related to the entertainment field, sports, and earthquakes.

January 18 - The Canberra Bushfires - second costliest fire in Australian History resulting in $450 million in damage (on a day with 8 vibration in the compound digit of 18)

February 18 - Subway Train Fire Daegu, South Korea
May - a five calendar month in a five universal year. May 2003 resulted in the most tornado's for any month in U.S. history, since 1950 count,  with a total of 542 tornadoes in May 2003. Click Here for Statistics

May 4 - 10 Tornado Outbreak Severe
U.S. history, record set for the most tornadoes in a week with 400 tornadoes all taking place in the span of a week

May 21 - 6.8 Boumerdes, Algeria earthquake; resulted in $5 billion in damage and deaths of 3,500

June 22 - Largest hailstone in U.S. History on record in Aurora, Nebraska

August 16 - 2003 Okanagan Mountain Park Fire

August 22 Brazilian Rocket Explosion
September 24-29 Hurricane Juan Most damaging cyclone in Halifax, Nova Scotia History
October 25 San Diego Cedar Fire; Largest wildfire in California History

December 23 PetroChina Natural Gas Explosion
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Numerology Prediction Part 2 The Weather,Natural Disasters, & Fires
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Remaining Parts:
********* 12/29/2011 SPECIAL UPDATE*********

Taking a small moment to break from the numerology prediction for just a moment. On Christmas Day 2011, 18 year-old Ben Breedlove passed away of a heart condition that had plague him his entire life. Before his death, he wrote of a vision/dream he had in which he was in heaven with his favorite rapper, Kid Cudi, it was such a great experience/dream he thought to himself, I never wanted to wake up.

When Kid Cudi heard of all this and Ben's passing he released a statement in which he states it made him tear up to hear of this and Ben is his hero. Ben uploaded a video on youtube a week before his death and it is truly touching lives, so I ask you to please take a moment to watch and please feel free to share the video.

This is not at all related to this post, but Ben seems to have left a final message for the world and all I ask is you take one moment to watch. May Ben's soul rest in peace. Seems like such a beautiful soul with a beautiful smile to match. To read more about Ben Breedlove please click here

Final Edit of Numerology Prediction 1/1/2012

Numerology Prediction 2012 Universal 5 Year Part 3 Earthquakes

In both the five vibration and three vibration of 2012 we have two numbers that seem to be associated with earthquakes in a major way. The number five is a very all of sudden, unpredictable vibration. Making those things which we have absolutely no control over such as natural disasters, such as earthquakes,  behave it seems in a very unstable and major way. A prayer that I like to recite, especially when I feel concerned about earthquakes is:
The Great Invocation Prayer

So please please take a moment to recite the prayer before the start of 2012 and also throughout the upcoming new year as you feel. It is good prayer to say in general, but I especially recite when I feel concern about an upcoming earthquake. Please feel free to share any helpful world prayers you know of. I believe the power of prayer can change things.

The three vibration as it relates to earthquakes is something I have written allot about here, so please feel free to search "earthquake" in the search engine located at the top of this post to find what I have written.

Some of the most powerful earthquakes especially occurred in a five or three vibration. I have written a bit here about the three vibration and earthquakes, so you can again search through this blog to read more. As mentioned before we have only had from 1900-2011 only one five universal year carrying a three vibration out of around 18 five universal years. So far 2003 and 2012 are the only five universal year with a three vibration.

Once again, the number five can be a very unpredictable, unstable energy and it usually especially seems to show itself over things we have no control over and even those things we feel we do have control over, historically, often resulting in devastating natural disasters. If it matters to you send prayers into 2012 and especially take a moment today as you read through all of this to recite the Great Invocation Prayer or a prayer of your own choosing.

Now let us take a look at past five universal years. We can take special notice of the year 2003 as it is the only five vibration to carry a three vibration that we have experienced. As we begin our count from 1900 to 2012 we will find 2003 and 2012 to be the only five universal years carrying three vibration.

Earthquakes occur everyday, but what is it about the five year that stands out? In the five year notice that in some cases not only do you have more than one significant quake, but you have quakes that are of unusual magnitude and/or resulting in the death of thousands upon thousands and/or the damage caused is often in the millions. In the year 1976 alone there were at 6 massive quakes each resulting in the deaths of thousands and it is particularly saddening the quakes hit undeveloped countries and areas. Direct quote from the thinkquest website regarding the constant earthquakes occuring in the year: of 1976 "According to one official, the year was so tragic “not because there was an unusual number of earthquakes, but rather because many of the stronger quakes were centered in areas of high population or less resistant building construction.” "

Get into the habit of praying not only for yourself and those you care about, pray for those around you that you do not even know. Seek ways to become spiritually protected and learn to follow your instincts and intuition. Often times we are being spoken to in subtle ways, but we are not still enough to listen. I love the quote "If you're not as close to God as you used to be, who moved?". We have  to understand God has not left us, but at the same time he is not going to intervene on our free will to believe and do as we wish, but he is always going to be there when we are ready and when we ask for intervention.

Five universal year with three vibration

May 21, 2003- a five calendar month in a five/three year vibration on a number three day...

May 21 - 6.8 Algeria Earthquake

August 14 - a five day in five/three yearly vibration
6.2 Greek Ionian Island of Lefkada

December 226.5 San Simeon Earthquake in San Luis Obispo County , CA

December 26 - The Bam Iran Earthquake 6.6


January 17 - 1994 Northridge Earthquake 6.7 Southern California
March 3 1985- Three calendar month in a five universal year on a three number day

March 3 - 7.8 Santiago Valparaiso Chile

September 19 - 8.0 Mexico City, Mexico

Before a five day in a five universal year

February 4 - Guatemala & Honduras 7.5 Magnitude

In a five universal year, after a five day
May 6 - 6.5 Friuli Earthquake Italy

June 26 - 7.2 West Irian Province, Indonesia

In a five universal year in a three universal month:
July 28 – 7.8 Tangshan Earthquake

August 17 - 7.8 Mindanao, Philippines
In a five universal year day after five number day:
November 24 - 7.9 Turkey Earthquake

July 29 6.5 Venezula Earthquake


July 9 - 7.5 Lituya, Alaska caused a megatsunami of 1,720 ft tall. World's Largest Tsunami Ever Recorded

 In a five universal year on a five day....

August 5 - 6.8 Ambato Ecuador Earthquake

August 22 - 8.1 Queen Charlotte Islands Earthquake 

November 10 - 7.3 Vrancea Bucharest, Romania Earthquake

February 3 - 7.8 Hawke's Bay Earthquake New Zealand 
March 31 - 5.6 Managua Nicaragua Earthquake Although a smaller magnitude compared to quakes listed this one nearly destroyed Managua and resulted in the death of a 1,000. It took citizens five years to rebuild and after rebuilding city was devasted by a fire. Rebuilding after the fire took place, The city began to become modern and flourish during the 60's until 1972 a quake struck devasting the city one again reducing it to rubble and from this it never recovered from this... ~
1922 November 11 - 8.5 The 1922 Chile Vallenar earthquake

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Numerology Prediction Part 3 Earthquakes

Remaining Parts:

********* 12/29/2011 SPECIAL UPDATE*********
Taking a small moment to break from the numerology prediction for just a moment. On Christmas Day 2011, 18 year-old Ben Breedlove passed away of a heart condition that had plague him his entire life. Before his death, he wrote of a vision/dream he had in which he was in heaven with his favorite rapper, Kid Cudi, it was such a great experience/dream he thought to himself, I never wanted to wake up.

When Kid Cudi heard of all this and Ben's passing he released a statement in which he states it made him tear up to hear of this and Ben is his hero. Ben uploaded a video on youtube a week before his death and it is truly touching lives, so I ask you to please take a moment to watch and please feel free to share the video.

This is not at all related to this post, but Ben seems to have left a final message for the world and all I ask is you take one moment to watch. May Ben's soul rest in peace. Seems like such a beautiful soul with a beautiful smile to match. To read more about Ben Breedlove please click here

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Numerology Prediction 2012 Universal 5 Year Part 4 Travel & Transportation

The number five is a well-known vibration when it comes to being busy-on-the-go, travel, transportation, and everything related-connected including freeways, subways, bridges, boats, trains, etc . This is one section of this numerology prediction in which I am not going to link related events in past universal five years, but I will talk a bit about the travel side of the vibration.

The universal five year, once again, adds a highly unstable unpredictable type of energy to the year more than is usual. So pay close attention to the news as it relates to major modes of transportation such as buses, planes, trains, boats, and everything related including airports, train stations, bus depots, bridges, highways, freeways, etc. Pay attention to anything major that could be linked under the travel and transportaion category.Transportation issues and even new innovations, new ideas, or new openings as it relates to transportation are quite common when a five vibration is involved.

On a much personal five vibration will have an affect on us all we may find ourselves as whole traveling more than usual or finally having the opportunity to do so in 2012. On some level we may find our lives being changed/altered majorly in some sort of way by the end of 2012 you will very well know what major significant change has occured in your life. I just get the feeling the year will be a life-altering one, especially on a personal level. That is just my personal feeling about the upcoming year....

Again the five is a busy, traveling-adventurous type of energy and this part of the vibration will spill onto our lives a bit. We may find or have sudden reason to travel out of the blue. I recommend wherever the year finds you majorly traveling whether the distance is short or great, by boat, plane, train, or major road trip please say a prayer before setting out on a major journey. I am strong believer in prayer and angelic protection.

Below are links to travel related prayers. I am pretty strong when it comes to prayer, so if you ever want me to keep you in prayers at anytime for any reason please,please do not hesitate to email me. All prayer request will remain confidential.

So we can expect the news headlines to be significant when it comes to modes of transportation and everything related including possibly some sort of improvement in making travel much easier. For example, I know there has been talk out here on the west coast of ideas of some sort of bullet train that links, for example, Northern Cali and Southern Cali, making travel from for example Los Angeles to the Bay area  a quick, easy and typical thing. I think the idea is amazing. So a way opening that makes travel much more efficient and smoother is highly possible news.

The Five Year Typically Makes significant News When It Comes to:
Modes of transportation, whether related to issues or some sort of new innovation related to travel or transportation

I love how one blogger puts into perspective God's intervention when it comes to travel and really it is the same thing when it comes to life. So true, God is not going to force us to do anything or intervene if we do not ask. Wherever you have concern in life ask for your angels and God to intervene on your behalf. Afterwards trust that your prayer has been heard and move along in life without fear or concern. There is a prayer on the blog post that I really like so please visit this blog:

List of Safe Travel Prayers for All Faiths & Denominations

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               ********* 12/29/2011 SPECIAL UPDATE *********

Taking a small moment to break from the numerology prediction for just a moment. On Christmas Day 2011, 18 year-old Ben Breedlove passed away of a heart condition that had plague him his entire life. Before his death, he wrote of a vision/dream he had in which he was in heaven with his favorite rapper, Kid Cudi, it was such a great experience/dream he thought to himself, I never wanted to wake up.

When Kid Cudi heard of all this and Ben's passing he released a statement in which he states it made him tear up to hear of this and Ben is his hero. Ben uploaded a video on youtube a week before his death and it is truly touching lives, so I ask you to please take a moment to watch and please feel free to share the video.

This is not at all related to this post, but Ben seems to have left a final message for the world and all I ask is you take one moment to watch. May Ben's soul rest in peace. Seems like such a beautiful soul with a beautiful smile to match. To read more about Ben Breedlove please click here

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Numerology Prediction 2012 Universal 5 Year Part 5 Miscellanous Occurences

Here are some other noticeable, common occurrence in when it comes to five universal years. This is part five of six, so be sure to read all parts from the beginning. If you read this out of context you may not understand what is posted below. In the case of the word "power" there is a bit of play on words and have found this with other keywords mentioned, should I notice play of additional keywords occurring I will update under current events....

Power - there is a bit of play on words here; figuratively and literally issues of power are common. Including major power outages and also political leaders especially resigning and giving up power. I believe the figurative meaning and vibration is mostly common in the 5/4 vibrations, but I still wanted to make a note of it here.

Explosions -There is a major trend of explosions in this type of universal year and it is not always just political/religious related. I have seen a trend of explosions/bombings political/religious/terrorist related, but I have also notice a trend of explosions related to malfunctions and accidents

The Field of Sports Usually Makes Headlines for some significant reason for something unique, record setting or some major news related to sports. I am not really into sports but I know just recently the NBA lockout has ended

The Entertainment Vibration of the number three - especially makes for great news in the entertainment field. Some of the best in the entertainment industry were born in/on a three and some of our greatest milestones in the field of music and entertainment occurred in three vibrations.

Loss of Legendary People in three vibrational years we tend to lose a number of not famous people, we tend to lose a number of very legendary people. it may be in the field of sports, music, television,etc. Those that without a doubt we consider legendary in their field. I always say in November it seems like the "new years" vibration begins to slowly creep in early and this November 2011 alone we have experienced the loss of four legendary people in the field of entertainment. The number three is our entertainment vibration and it is our vibration of legends. In November, we had the passing of rapper Heavy D, boxing great Joe Frazier, legendary news broadcaster Andy Rooney, and Family Circus, comic creator, Bil Keane all passing within a short time span of each other. Some legends in the three vibration tend to pass at a very young age, so it is also quite common, as I have noticed to lose young legendary people.

Cults - I noticed a couple of cult news in past universal years. This is not the first five vibration in which there is an expectation for the world to end. A major change in the world as we know it? Most likely. The five vibration symbolizes a new change to the ways we've been use to, but end of the world I do not think so. You can read more about my thoughts on ending of the world talk in 2012, especially as it relates the unpredictable number five. You can read a bit about my thoughts by viewing the following post:
Small Clue to 2012 Numerology Forecast
Anticipation  - In a vibration that is filled with such a burst of unexpected energy, naturally, without even knowledge of numerology there tends to be a natural high level of anticipation and expectations in such a year, a most obvious well anticipated event, but not the only one, is the "ending of the world".Like I said the vibration usually has surprises for those with high expectations of things to come and the way they plan for it to pan out. The number five vibration is a hard one to plan for, as plans tend to be turned upside down. With a five it is always good to simply go with the flow and with little expectations of the way things should be.

Added 12/2/2011
Play on Keywords - I am not sure if it is unique to the five vibration, but I also have found there is small trend of play on keywords. I also have noticed certain areas seem particularly affected by a particular number vibration. I have to examine the locations vibration a bit to be sure and I'll post whatever trend I find. When I say play on words I mean for example the word "power" Which indicated significance when it comes to literally power outages but also transferring of power.

Added 12/5/2012
Major/Significant/Mass Changes To The Way We Are Use To Doing Things - Already mentioned this a bit.Cuts and changes planned for Spring 2012 to U.S. Postal Service brought this back to mind so I wanted to list it here.

In one particular five universal year about eight months apart from each other two areas name Pidemont were heavily affected by deadly natural disasters. One was Pidemont, Italy and the other was Pidemont, Alabama in 1994. It is listed under events on part 2 of this numerology prediction click here if you did not have a chance to look through and read it.

1/18/2012 5:53 AM ADDED
Issues related to freedom - This is a theme well associated with the number five and I mention it all the time when it comes to personal numerology, but missed it when originally writing this.  When I found out about the PIPA and SOPA bills, yesterday, which are two bills that would pretty much give the government and the media the power to censor the internet; the five freedom theme struck me like a "duh" moment. Freedom is big theme of the number five and I love how many including big well-known sites, small lesser known sites, bloggers, and many individuals have pulled together in unison to say NO! we will not just sit by and allow our freedoms to be restricted in any form. Click here to learn more or copy and paste the following link:

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Numerology Prediction Part 5

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****** 12/29/2011 SPECIAL BREAK *******
Taking a small moment to break from the numerology prediction for just a moment. On Christmas Day 2011, 18 year-old Ben Breedlove passed away of a heart condition that had plague him his entire life. Before his death, he wrote of a vision/dream he had in which he was in heaven with his favorite rapper, Kid Cudi, it was such a great experience/dream he thought to himself, I never wanted to wake up.

When Kid Cudi heard of all this and Ben's passing he released a statement in which he states it made him tear up to hear of this and Ben is his hero. Ben uploaded a video on youtube a week before his death and it is truly touching lives, so I ask you to please take a moment to watch and please feel free to share the video.

This is not at all related to this post, but Ben seems to have left a final message for the world and all I ask is you take one moment to watch. May Ben's soul rest in peace. Seems like such a beautiful soul with a beautiful smile to match. To read more about Ben Breedlove please click here