January 16, 2010

Universal 3 Year Stars Are Born

We have already taken look at pioneers and legends that have passed in a 3 Universal Year. Now let's take a look at true pioneers born in a 3 Universal Year. Everyone is a celebrity, but there are few true stars born. Lots of famous celebrity's but I am talking about a star that is a pioneer and unique in their field. I'll take alook at this later and report what I find. Speaking of celebrities, I will also be taking a look at a the 2010 personal year of two random celebrity's. I will post all my findings later today.

Loss of Legends 1992 Universal Year 3 Prt 2

Continuation of Part 1. To fully understand this post you must read Part 1

Loss of Legends Part 1


Pictured beginning from left to right: Alex Haley, Isaac Asimov, Benny Hill, Lawrence Welk, Mary Wells

Part 3 coming soon. As you view these pioneers and legends of the past three universal years take special note of the impact these particular individuals have had in their field.