December 30, 2010

Celebrity Stars Numerology Prediction 2011 Jennifer Aniston & Adrien Brody An Item?

Jennifer Aniston and possible new boyfriend Adrien Brody? I don’t know about these two – they have the potential to easily have deeper (love) connections with someone else besides each other. I don’t think this relationship, if it is true, can go too far between these two – name numerology wise, they can find better suited matches. As long as they are just having fun, no harm is really being done. I know Jenn has been single for a long time, and name wise, I don’t see why – she can easily make a love connection with such a name. However, she does have many five vibrations in her name, so maybe she’s not ready to settle down just yet? Maybe she enjoys being single and free, but also feels an equally conflicted need to settle down? These two do have a connection to each other that can hold, but when it comes to marriage and settling down? I don’t know about that…but anything is possible. Jennifer Aniston is coming out of a seven personal year – which 2010 was for her, so this year probably wasn’t her best year career wise – I am not sure, as I really don't keep up much with the entertainment world. I read that Rupert Everett, referred to her as having too many “flops” in her career and he had more choice words for her- which I found all a bit rude.

Jennifer Aniston’s Coming Out of Seven Personal Year 2010 and Coming Into An Eight Personal Year in 2011 Numerology

I am coming into a seven year (2011), and I know the seven personal year is a slow time of deep soul searching and especially figuring out our place in life, especially career and business wise. I believe 2011 Jennifer Aniston may be making a comeback in a major way, even if it is behind the scenes where some sort of new business is emerging. The number eight represents power, money, major spending, business, and style – so pay close attention to Jennifer Aniston next year and take note of how the eight personal year (which some of you reading this might be in) will affect her. New business opportunities may open up for her, she may reinvent her style, and/or she might make a significant "newsworthy" purchase (such as a house). Just like us regular Joe’s, being in an eight personal year will hold some sort of a financial significance for her – being a celebrity, just causes it to be on much larger scale.

The Number "8" Is Also Symbolic for Fashion

Fashion/style and shopping also represent the number “8”. Think 80’s – the 80’s were govern by the number “8”, and the 80’s, indeed was a decade of interesting fashions and fads. So pay attention to Jenn next year. I’m sure she has already felt the need to break out of the slow seven personal year (2010) and like Rihanna (also in an eight year for 2011) she will be back and ready for business next year(2011). Jennifer seems like a sweet person and I wish her the best!

If there is a celebrity you would like me to write about email me . I am not into bashing celebrities, so you will not hear negativity or harshness from me. I do believe in karma, and I operate at all times with that in mind.

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