November 21, 2010

Numerology Prediction for 2011 The Universal 4 Year Part I

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I have found that every year is mainly affected by two number vibrations: the main vibration – which is the universal year number, and the last two digits the year also goes by. Similar to a person going by a nickname, the last two digits of a year, also operates as a nickname and has an effect on future events for the particular year. Most but not all four universal years contain a two vibration and next year just happens to be one of those years.
We find these two number vibrations by simply adding the numbers in the year:

2 + 0 + 1 + 1 = 4 universal year

11 = 1 + 1 = 2 vibration

The major number vibration affecting next year will be the number "four". The number "two" will also have an effect. Not only I am going to talk about how these numbers will affect world events, I am also going to talk about how these numbers will affect each one of us on a personal level. I am going to break this post on 2011 into different parts, as I have much to say and examine. So be sure to click on part II, part III, etc. to fully read this numerology prediction.

Understanding 2011 by Looking Back On Past 4 Universal Years

To understand a year, I always look back on the past years for clues – this numerology prediction is based on studying past years. If it proves to be true it is based on a study of history(events) repeating itself – as in numerology the cycles run from the number 1 – 9, and repeats after the last cycle of nine. To understand 2011 we have to take a look at past universal four years for clues. If I had to use one word to summarize the four universal year that word would be “foundational”. The four universal year, which 2011 is, is a year where, on every level, we are building our “foundation” – 2011 is the base/structure on which at least the next five years of our lives will rely on. Building a weak foundation will have crumbling consequences(I will explain later...). When it comes to world events, news events, and even in our personal lives, the number four represents and is significant, on a large scale, when it comes to:

Politics, discovery, scandals, epidemics, pandemics, arrest, conspiracy, presidents, political officials, truths, foundations built, discoveries, technology, major establishments, major laws passed, and organizations formed, and pioneers. The two vibration will make 2011 significant for major acts/rash of violence, issues related to war or terrorism, major acts of hate, calls for peace, protest, agreements/pacts formed, riots, relationships – break-ups and finding new love –more than usual, major partnerships forming and coming apart. I will give examples and explanations to help you fully understand what I mean when I say these keywords will be significant for more than what is obvious or typically expected.

These keywords are important to keep in mind as these particular keywords will be a significant part of the news headlines we hear next year. Not only will these keywords affect the news headlines, the four and two vibration will affect us all on a personal level in some major way. We do not have to wait for 2011 to begin to monitor these particular keywords, as the vibration of 2011 is slowly creeping into effect right now, so start paying to the news now! As I write and prepare this numerology prediction, I have already begun to notice the four vibration of next year already beginning to kick in early. Now let’s take a detailed look at past universal four years for examples of what we can expect from the year 2011.

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