November 21, 2010

Numerology Prediction for 2011 The Universal 4 Year Part II

Numerology Predictions 2011 – A Year of Revelations
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What's Done in the Dark Will Be Brought to the Light...

The Four Universal Year of 2011 - Significant for major discoveries, truths revealed, secrets (uncovered), plots (uncovered), and conspiracies (uncovered). Keywords for 2011: Discovery, Truth, Secrets, Scandals, Investigations, Conspiracy, Allegations (that typically prove true)

In a four universal year, such as 2011, some sort of major discovery is made and/or some major truth is uncovered, especially if it is related to an issue from 2010, but definitely not limited to just 2010. It is if as finally something has been discovered from hiding or revealed after many years (possibly something uncovered after decades or centuries) or something completely brand new is discovered, or finally some truth has been revealed after years unknown/undercover/hidden.

The four vibration, of 2011, is going to affect not only news events worldwide; it will also affect us all on a personal level in some way.

Whatever is being hidden by ourselves or others will slowly come out of the dark for most of us. This means more than usual secrets are coming out of the closet and it will be hard for us to keep a hold on what we have been hiding, or what has been hidden from us will finally be revealed, although some will manage to keep a tight wrap throughout the whole year – whatever you seek, you definitely will be able to find in 2011 – as the vibration is naturally an informative-investigative-discovery type of one. There is no way for me to monitor the personal trends of everyone’s personal lives, but you will definitely find this trend in your life and in the lives of those around you.

The end of 2011 will find you well informed on a person or situation, especially on lingering issues stemming from 2010. However, we will be able to monitor this trend in the lives of celebrities and public figures, but famous or not, we all will have this trend occurring in our lives – maybe it will result in even more Maury Povich Paternity Testing Shows? lol, j/k. So pay attention to this trend – the secrets uncovered may lead to higher number of break-ups in relationships and marriages – I mean high number of break-ups in relationships that appeared as if they would last a long time or relationships that have endured many, many years. This is one of the trends that will affect us all on a personal level. Shakey relationships, foundations may finally give away, as we work on building something stronger.

On the other end out of nowhere, individuals unexpectedly come together, and new relationships form, and these relationships may appear as if they will last, and most likely strong, lasting relationships will form, as this year is much more serious about where our future is headed and the life we want to build. 2011 is the year where we are setting our foundations – so relationships begun in a four universal year will generally have a great chance of enduring. Again this is a time where we are gaining much more of an understanding and knowledge on an issue or person that has been a mystery to us, especially if it is someone you met in 2010. If you met someone new in 2010, truths about them good, bad, or neutral will be revealed – you will finally have the opportunity to truly gain much more of an understanding of an individual or situation. If you seek the truth, it can easily be uncovered in 2011, as again the vibration of the year is about truth. Here are examples of discovery and truth as it has affected the world in past four universal years. What is discovered personally and worldwide will definitely have a monumental effect for many years to come as the four universal year is a year of laying our foundation. What is built or discovered in this year is a foundation that will prove to be long lasting. What is done in 2011 will be the foundational base of at least the next five years of life.

Here are past news making events, of past universal four years, relating to discovery and truth. All events occurred in a universal four years are taken straight from wikipidea list of events for the particular year. Some of our past universal four years include: 2002, 1993, 1984, 1975, 1966, 1957, 1948, 1939, 1921, 1912, 1903, etc


April 18 – The discovery of a new insect order, Mantophasmatodea, is announced.

June 11 – Antonio Meucci is recognized as the first inventor of the telephone by the United States Congress. (truth revealed after all these years, Alexander Graham Bell, although given credited as the inventor, was not the first inventor of the telephone. Google Antonio Meucci to read more about him)

August 7 – Tama-chan, a bearded seal native to the Arctic, is discovered in Tama River in Tokyo.

October 7 – The discovery of Quaoar is announced.


February 8 – General Motors Corporation sues NBC, after Dateline NBC allegedly rigged 2 crashes showing that some GM pickups can easily catch fire if hit in certain places. NBC settles the lawsuit the following day. (Truth revealed…) Read More…

February 10 – Mani Pulite scandal: Italian legislator Claudio Martelli resigns, followed by various politicians over the next 2 weeks.

November 28 – The Observer reveals that a channel of communications has existed between the IRA and the British government, despite the government's persistent denials….Fast forward to an 2008 article “Extent of secret links between government and IRA revealed Follow link to read this article:


June 5 – The Indian government begins Operation Blue Star, the planned attack on the Golden Temple in Amritsar.

July 23 – Vanessa Lynn Williams becomes the first Miss America to resign when she surrenders her crown, after nude photos of her appear in "Penthouse" magazine.

1984 Undated

“Crack, a smokeable form of cocaine, is first introduced into the Los Angeles area and soon spreads across the United States in what becomes known as the Crack Epidemic.” - Wikipedia ( I will place this under conspiracy as there is much obvious conspiracy surrounding the introduction of crack into Los Angeles)


January 8

U.S. President Gerald Ford appoints Vice President Nelson Rockefeller to head a special commission looking into alleged domestic abuses by the CIA.

November 3

An independent audit of Mattel, one of the United States' largest toy manufacturers, reveals that company officials fabricated press releases and financial information to "maintain the appearance of continued corporate growth."


The government of Colombia announces the finding of Ciudad Perdida. (“Lost City” kept a secret for years before being announced in 1975) Follow Link to read more:


April 15 – An anti-Nasser conspiracy is exposed in Egypt.


March 20 – The French newspaper L'Express reveals that the French army tortures Algerian prisoners.


November 20 – Geoffrey B. Orbell rediscovers the Takahē, last seen 50 years previously, near Lake Te Anau, New Zealand.

1948 Undated - The Casimir effect is discovered by Dutch physicist Hendrik Casimir.

This numerology prediction for 2011 is far from done, but so far we should have a good idea of what I meant when I said the four universal year is significant when it comes to major discoveries and truths being revealed. Conspiracies are always common in any given year, however, in a four universal year a major pass or current conspiracy is uncovered – of course not all secrets and conspiracies will be revealed and those that escape the light of 2011 will most likely be kept tightly under wraps for many years. Click below to read part three.

Numerology Prediction Continued…

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