September 29, 2010

Lucky Lotto Winner Wins Twice Lucky Name?

A story has surfaced today of a guy that has won big twice! I wrote awhile ago about how to check if you have a lucky name. In this blog post we will put my lucky names test to the test and check this guys name for lucky numbers. If you have not read my numerology post Name Numerology and Lottery Winners you can read it by clicking here. You can also read that post to determine if your name is lucky according to my little test.

My test in determining if a name is lucky for lotto or winning big:

Has a 5 vibration at least doubled or multiple 5's in a row
Has an 8 vibration in the name
Has a "6" vibration in the name.

The luckiest name will posses all of those vibrations as mentioned. A name can be lucky in ways that I am not aware of, but so far in studying what lotto winners have in common this is the combination I have found to be true for a great majority of big winners. To read more and determine if your name is lucky click here

Now Back To 2x's Big Winner Ernest Pullen...

A few months ago Ernest Pullen won $1 Million in a lotto blockbuster game. Most recently, on September 17., he won $2 million in a Monopoly lotto scratcher game!

Spiritual Connection?

Ernest has said, "All the numbers I dreamed about, and all my lucky numbers, were on the card". In an interview, Pullen recalled a dream he had six years ago in which he won the lotto.

To read the full story of Ernest Pullen winning the lottery twice click here

Definitely a good reason to pay attention to your dreams and numbers that tend to repeat in your life. For the past months,  I have seen numbers repeating and syncing and all I can do is take notice of them and keep them in mind.

I will talk more about my experience with numbers that repeat in my life, such as on the clock, etc later on. For now, Let's test Pullens name for being lucky.

Ernest         Pullen
595512        733355

Yes, his name is super lucky!!! Is Yours?


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