May 6, 2010

KNBC Staffer Wins $266 M Mega Million Jackpot Lucky Names?

Los Angeles KNBC staffer, Jacki Cisneros and her husband have won the California State Lottery Mega Million JackPot to the tune of $266 M.! Although, Jacki and Gilbert Cisneros are now $266 M richer, Jacki a Los Angeles KNBC staffer continued working, and plans to keep her job working for KNBC even though she has won all of that loot! I love her husbands response of the first thing they were going to do upon winning - go to church and thank God. Definitely, always remember where your blessings come from. Much congratulations to them!!! You can watch a video clip of the couple by clicking here.

I have recently written a numerology post entitled Lucky Winning Names. For those of you whom have not read it, you need to read it to understand what makes a name "lucky" when it comes to winning the lotto or anything. Let us test Jacki and Gilbert's name for being lucky....
Jacki & Gilbert Cisneros

11329 7932592 39155961

Yup...the last name definitely has that lucky touch.... Again, if you have not read my post, Lucky Winning Names you can do so by clicking here. In it you will find how to determine if a particular name is lucky when it comes to winning (the lotto). I am finding it is not about the numbers you pick, but it is more about how naturally lucky you truly are. A lucky person is lucky no matter what numbers they pick.

The restaurant owner who sold the winning ticket will also receive a large sum of money for selling the winning ticket and has said that he saw the number 8!

From KTLA article:

"...Michael Yang believes he sold the lucky couple the winning ticket because he remembers seeing the number 8 -- a lucky number in Chinese." Read more of that particular article here

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