May 3, 2010

Names & Numbers: Lucky Winning Names?

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Name Patterns of Lottery Winners?
Do You Have One?

I am finding it very true that each letter of a name reveals traits that are telling not only of your personality, but can also be telling of a persons fate. Again there is much revealing information to be found based solely in a name, but for now we are just going to take a look at lucky names as it relates to big lottery winners. As I mentioned in my last post, numerology wise I have noticed a trend among those who have won the lotto. I have a little exercise you can use to examine your own name and check your luck against those who have won big in lotto. There is more to a name than you may realize....

Names contain powerful number vibration that will play a significant role in ones life. There is not a name that is really wrong or right, well except for those who name their kids after corporations such as Chevy Bank Johnson. Such names hands down are just plain wrong and yes people are actually using their children's lives as corporate ad space, but the name we are given always suits us perfectly no matter what the vibrations are, good or bad.

Before I show you how to check a name for winning luck take a look at the red highlighted vibrations below that all lottery winners have in common, with the exception of one woman not listed named Evelyn Adams (she won twice) and it is true there are few winners I have noticed that have won big and have no lucky combinations that I can find in the name. So some may win even if the name does not pass my little test. This is all just my personal observations and are by no means law. Understand there are those that have won the lotto without passing my little name test, but I cannot help noticing the majority with the number combos listed below.

Short List of a Few Lottery Winners

Winners in the Princess Margaret Home Lottery draw from May 27, 2009
Tammie Pinnock - She won a mansion, a 2009 BMW 323i, and $10,000 in cash
Steve Wilson: $2.5 million house

Robert Coates: $750,000 house
Victoria Webber: $730,000 house
Louis Zuccala: $700,000 house
Robert Bernardi: $630,000 house
Mohan Mann: $100,000 cash
Laura Humphrey: $100,000 cash
Jennifer & Chris Kinber: $100,000 cash

Powerball Missouri April 2010
Christopher Shaw - a gas station clerk with only $28.96 left in his bank account at the time of winning, won $258.8 million dollar jackpot

Other Winners Mainly from the 80's
William "Bud" Post won $16.2 million Pennsylvania lottery in 1988

Suzanne Mullins won $4.2 million in the Virginia lottery in 1993

... and the list of lottery winners goes on and on and on, but they all have the same traits highlighted above... On your own you can examine the names of past lottery winners and I guarantee you are going to find the same trend...Simply google lottery winners pick one and examine the chosen name...

When it comes to winning the lottery based solely on observing names and using pythagorean numerology I have found those with an 8 (the money vibration) and 6 (the breadwinner vibration), and multiple 5's in a row (the number "5" considered to be a highly lucky gambling number) have an increased chance of winning the lotto more than others whom do not posses those numbers in their name. This is not to say those lacking the "6" or "8"  or multiple "5's" will not win, as you may have lucky numbers elsewhere in your numerology chart or be lucky for reasons that numerology can not explain, but so far there is a trend among the names of huge lottery winners. This does not only equal being lucky in winning the lotto, it all equates to being just plan lucky in winning period.

Checking Your Name For Lucky Numbers

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    1. Neatly write down the first and last name you are examining. This can be your name or whatever name you choose to examine. If you do not go by the name given to you at birth, examine the name you presently go by. When you sign applications and forms what name do you go by? This is the name you use.

Example:  Jane Doe
2. Following the number guide below place a number under each corresponding letter

Number Guide
A J S = 1  
B K T = 2
C L U = 3
D M V = 4
E N W = 5
F O X = 6
G P Y= 7
H Q Z = 8
I  R  = 9

Example: Jane Doe
                                                1155 465 ( lucky name indeed)

3. To examine if your name is lucky when it comes to winning. You will need to look at the number combinations of your name. For example, If you have a double/triple five or more 5 combinations in your name, such as 5555, etc  I consider your name highly lucky and most likely have already won something big or have great chance of winning something big in the future, if playing games of chance such as the lottery or entering contest is your thing.

After the doing the above exercise, check your name for these highly lucky combinations

Lucky 5 Combination - Do you spot a combination like this in your name?
55, 555, 5555, 55555, etc 

Lucky 6 Combination - Do you have any 6's in your name? A row or repeat of "6"?  The letters F, O, and X are six vibrations. The more the merrier and if it is in a row I consider especially lucky.

Lucky 8 Combination - Do you have any 8's in your name? The letters H, Q, and Z, especially the letters Q and Z which are not that common in names, but "8" is a "money vibration". Usually a name with the eights in a row is uncommon. One eight is pretty luck, but more than one is very lucky when it comes to winning.

5, 6, 8 Touching Combination - Do you have combination in which any of these numbers are touching? Example: 56, 58, 568, 86, etc?

If you have not found any lucky combinations. Try examining your middle name. Having a lucky middle name, may present a hidden, dormant type of luck, but I have not examined middle names as it relates to winning, so I cannot say for sure.

The more "5" combinations and/or  "6's" and "8's" it seems the greater chance for attracting large winnings

Consider your name among the lucky winning ones if you do posses those combinations.

With all number vibrations there are upsides and downsides, as again each letter of a name carries a trait that can describe one's personality. I will talk more about all of that in another post, but the next time you hear of a lottery winner or a big winner of anything( like the lady that won a mansion!). Just for fun examine their name and see if you find can find their true "lucky numbers".

This post is provided for fun, entertainment purposes only. I am not responsible if you do not win anything at all. A few that do not possess those lucky vibrations have gone on to win the lotto, so no matter what do not give up hope! These are just my observations of name patterns.

Check the Names of Recent Big Winners

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