May 7, 2010

BREAKING NEWS: Times Square Evacuated

Times Square south of 47th Street evacuated due to a suspicious package click here to read the full story. This is the red breaking news headline striped across the MSN homepage. Oddly today I had a  dream about my relatives that live in New York. I always refer to them as "New York", such as "oh New York called", I am not close to them, and I don't communicate with them at all, but I have visited them twice and I have even stayed in New York with them for three months years ago, so it was weird to dream of them out of the blue...

While I am on the subject of the dream - In the dream we were in the middle of the ocean and my relatives were sitting high up on something it wasn't a boat, but it was a high platform. Others began jumping in the water and I jumped in the water too, realizing that I was in the middle of the ocean but the water wasn't deep at all...

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