April 18, 2010

Understand Numerology Nine Year Cycles & 2010

To understand 2010 from a numerological standpoint, we have to understand the year as number. In 2010, the world is affected by the number 3. In numerology we call this a 3 universal year and some may have other names for it, but the "3" vibration is the key.

In numerology everything is broken down or assigned a number 1-9, sometimes 11, 22, 33, but mainly everything breaks down to a number 1-9.

When it comes to years, every year is assigned a number 1-9. The number provides us with trends we may expect from a particular year, as each number carries its own traits and characteristics.

As the world is going through its particular year, with its particular traits, so do we. From birth till death, every year of your life will be highly affected by one number. Once that particular year ends, the new number year begins, and it is an endless cycle...

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