April 28, 2010

Numerology: Do You Really Want To Win the Lotto?

Within the next few days I will be examining the numerology chart of lottery winners and I will share the numerological traits they all have in common. I believe there is a number vibration that makes them lucky and it has nothing to do with someone given them a set of lucky numbers. The true lucky numbers to winning the lottery may actually be contained in the name and numerology chart. Astrologically, I am sure some are destined to win more than others. Numerology wise, each letter of a persons name holds a number vibration, so this may be where the "lucky numbers" lay. Are some just born lucky? I will take a look at this and post what I find. In the meantime, the lottery curse seems to be really real. While you are waiting for my next lottery post take moment and visit The Lotto Report which features links to the sad stories of many lottery winners. Whatever causes one to be a lottery winner is most likely the exact same vibration, possibly, that attracts a financial downfall. I will talk about all of this in my next post, so subscribe or bookmark this site to be notified of my next post on numerology, lotto winners, and winning the lotto. Again, in the meantime visit The Lotto Report and ask yourself, "Do I really want to be a lotto winner?" and already I hear lot of yes!, but please visit that site first. Is winning the lottery worth the greed and evil it tends to attract?

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