April 23, 2010

Gas Station Clerk Wins $258 Million!

$258m Powerball Winner

Lottery winner Christopher Shaw, 29,
Click here to read the full story of how a gas station clerk with only $28.96 in his bank account won the lotto. Numerology wise is there a noticeable trend with lottery winners? I believe so and I will share all of that at much later date. This guy that has won seems like a really decent, humble guy and I hope that he won't have to encounter the fate of others affected by the lottery curse. He is considering staying at his job where he makes $7.25 an hour. My advice to him would be to get as far away from where everybody knows where he works and resides. When millions are involve it attracts terrible greed like nothing ever. I don't believe in greed at all and do not like the ruthless things people do for cash. Will keep him in prayer and hope everything turns out well for him. I know some of you may be looking for numerology and how to win the lotto, but that is something I cannot help you with, even if I knew how, I wouldn't provide any advice on that. I will examine the numerology patterns of  lotto winners and post that when I get a chance.

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