April 25, 2010

Connection to Deceased Stars?

Growing up in the 90's Lisa Lopes from TLC was always my favorite female rapper. I have always loved her rap style. I can't recall clearly the day I heard of her passing or my reaction. One thing that struck about it, was that she passed in my mothers exact area of birth of La Ceiba, Honduras and this is where I believe my family is still living. I am not close to my mother or family, but I know this is where my moms family is most likely still living in. I realize that she was into numerology the exact same way I am. When I think about her out of the blue, her last line on the song of waterfalls  plays in my head and I even had the lyric on my myspace page at one point, and I found out today, that quote is what is inscribed on her casket:

"Dreams are hopeless aspirations, in hopes of coming true, believe in yourself, the rest is up to me and you".

There some similarites that I am not going to go into. You have to me personally to notice what that might be, but I was just thinking about her today, especially seeing how much I am into numerology now and how she was also so into it.

 The Odd Way I Realized a Possible Connection Today?

There is an affiliate on youtube named Lisa and today I have been meaning to look for her affiliate videos, as I am an affiliate for various companies, and lately I have heavily gotten back into my affiliate business. Very odd, I have been meaning to look for this affiliate named "Lisa" and totally forgetting about the affiliate lady I ended up watching Mike Epps newest stand-up comedy on youtube. I then began thinking about all the reality shows out right now, especially the black entertainment shows, and I was recalling how I watched for the first time yesterday, half an epsoide of Lisa Rayes reality show on on-demand yesterday. This past week I also watched the reality show Tiny and Toya on on-demand, and all for the first time. It is not something I usually have an interest in, but the shows were actually pretty good, and there was nothing else to watch cable at the time.

Then I was on yahoo's homepage and there was a mention of Chili's show (from TLC) and how she met Taylor Swift and they posted several clips and one clip was about Lisa Lopes and some sort of yearly family get together and that is what brought Lisa Lopes back to my attention, but it was like I was seeing her name and looking for a Lisa, but I wasn't thinking about Lisa Lopes until the clip. Maybe there is a message a guide or spirit was/is trying to lead me to? When I thought about her, I recalled how much she was into numerology and how she passed in my mothers country. I looked at her bio, I began to realize how much I have in common with her and it is almost an odd connection, but when I say odd, I know it is most likely a spiritual thing.


I wish I could have met her, I know we would have had so much to talk about and so much in common.

As you know she passed in 2002 and in the previous year we lost Aaliyah. I have never had a dream about Lisa "Left Eye", but I remember being in such disbelief and saddeness by the death of Aaliyah. The way I found out about her passing was I was watching a show, and upon commercials about to begin, a short less than 10 second news break announces that she died. For awhile, I was just in shock and I couldn't get pass the thought of her being gone. One day after she passed, I had a dream, but it was more like a vision in which Aaliyah was just standing there and staring at me. She wasn't mad or anything, she just stood there and stared at me and it was like she was glowing, but she had no expression and it was like telepathically I knew I needed to move on from the grief and disbelief. It was weird, it was like I knew why she was standing there. From then on I stopped and moved on with myself, I was only in high school at the time, and I was not a fanatic of hers, but I loved her music and I grew up listening to her songs.

I would love to hear a psychic's opinon on that vision/dream. There are millions that were thinking about her, but why did I have vision/dream of her? Since I was a child, I have always been highly terrified of spirits and "ghost", but I felt no fear in seeing her there. Has anyone experienced anything similar to that? Have you ever felt a connection to a deceased stranger? or celebrity that you have never met? Comment below.

I am just now realizing, as I look at Lisa's wikipedia page, Lisa Lopes passed on April 27, 2004 and today as I was thinking of her it is April 25, 2010... Coincidence? I don't think so. It is some sort of message that I wish I fully could understand.

I would like to know if I have some sort of spiritual connection with her. If you have psychic/spiritual insight on this please let me know and also if you have experienced anything like this please comment.

In Memory of these talented, beautiful souls, I ask you to simply take a minute and visit the foundations set up in their memory:

Aaaliyah Memorial Fund

Lisa Lopes Foundation

May their souls continue to rest in peace...

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  1. God probably is trying to get your attention through the connection of your mother and Lisa.


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