February 2, 2010

Carole Lombard Odd Numerology

One of my past lives must have been in the 1950's because I enjoy reading about that era, and eras below it such as the 20's, 30's, and 40's. I was reading about planes and came across a lady I have never heard of before. Her name is Carole Lombard. I just now found out, that she attended some of the local junior high and high schools we have out here. I also read that she passed in a plane crash in 1942. I also found out that she was married to Clark Gable - which I know he was a big star back then. As I was reading about her life, repeated numbers called my attention. I know some of you may experience seeing the same numbers over and over on clocks, billboards, etc. Or especially see repeating numbers such as 111, 222. etc, I will talk more about that later and update this post with a link to that, but as I was reading through her life I noticed allot of 33 and 3's. I wondered if she knew Lucille Ball and I have found that her friends included: Alfred Hitchcock, Marion Davies, William Haines, Jean Harlow, Fred MacMurray, Cary Grant, Jack Benny, Jorge Negrete, William Powell and Lucille Ball! I love lucy, both the show and the person. :)Final words to her fans as she boarded a plane: "Before I say goodbye to you all, come on and join me in a big cheer! V for Victory!"

Odd Three Numerology Connection

She was a star of the 30's
She passed at age 33 on TWA Flight 3
She was the youngest of 3
At the age of 12=3 she made her film debut
Her first movie was produced in 1921= 13, '21=3
1930 she began working for Paramount Pictures after being dropped from Twentieth Century and Pathé. In 1930, she met her first husband. 1930 = 13, '30 = 3
In 1933 she divorced.
Married to Clark Gable March 29,
After refueling in Las Vegas, TWA Flight 3 took off and 23 minutes later, crashed into "Double Up Peak"
All aboard, 19 passengers and three crew, were killed
Died at the age of 33
Third wife of Clark Gable = 3
She has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, at 6930 Hollywood Blvd.
Funeral services were held on Jan 21, 1942 = 21 = 3 day
Lombard, her mom, and friend boarded the plane together = 3

"Lombard's final film, To Be or Not to Be, directed by Ernst Lubitsch and co-starring Jack Benny, a satire about Nazism and World War II, was in post-production at the time of her death. The film's producers decided to cut the part of the film in which her character asks, "What can happen on a plane?" as they felt it was in poor taste, given the circumstances of Lombard's death." - Wikipedia

Comment below, Just a coincidence or is there something spiritual behind numbers? Have you experienced repeating numbers in your life? When I first looked at her picture, it was something about her that felt similar to me, and some ways we are kind of similar. I decided to figure out her life path number and I found she has a 7 life path just like me!

I wonder if we can avoid tragedies by noticing certain patterns and avoiding them...

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Update 2:11 PM

I am shocked to find out that before the plane crash, Lombard's mom warned her about the number 3 and her mom did not want to board the flight. Supposedly, Carole and her mom were bickering about boarding the flight, as she had bad feeling about that flight. A month before, the mother, Elizabeth Peters, consulted with an astrologist that told her "3" was bad luck for them and to avoid anything with "3". So understandably when her daughter, Carole, wanted to board a number three flight plane, the mother put up a fight. We know the story ended with the plane crashing. Both mom and daughter and all crew and passengers were killed. I didn't know that her mother was into astrology and/or numerology. I found this info out on a message board, but all this info is supposedly from a book about the actress. I really need to get that book, this lady is too similar to me.

Here is a forum discussion where numerology of the number 3 was told to Carole as a warning. All of this can be found in a book written about her life. I will be looking for that book!

I will be discussing more about Carole as I am really fascinated by her whole story

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