January 15, 2010

What I Expect To Be Big In 2010

Things related to the entertainment industry, sports, records being set, and anything communication related. The news in 2010 guarantees to be continuously big news. The three vibration relates to big headlines, dramatic news, and I don't mean just what we have already experienced. This year will guarantee to be a shocker and I will provide a timeline of past three year events so that you can get an idea of what I mean.

I was looking at a timeline of 2001 and other three years and noticed that we lose some really great musicians in the three years. Of course someone always dies that is related to music, but in a three year I have notice we lose really big legendary musicians and almost suddenly or at an early age. We have already lost Teddy Pendergrass in just these past few days.

...I'm just letting you know what I notice about the three years.

The loss is usually one that has us talking for years. The three year will continue to shock us and have us talking about this year for many many years to come. I don't mean just the earthquakes that are occurring. I will post examples of events where I have found evidence of the three vibration in past three years and it will help to give you a great understanding of how the three vibration is going to work for 2010.

Major clues to 2010 events will be found by looking back on past three vibrational years, especially 2001. View the 2001 events listed here for an example of the vibration affecting us for this year of 2010:
It Happened In A 3 Year 2001

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