January 20, 2010

Stars Born In A 3 Universal Year

I’ve been meaning to write and publish this about three days ago, but I’ve been kind of busy again. Better late than never, right?:) As I mentioned in one my last post true legends, pioneers do not just pass in a three universal year, legends, pioneers, and true stars are also born in a three universal year. Not every baby born in a universal three year will be a famous star, but everyone born in a three year will definitely posses true Hollywood talent. Three year universal babies are natural entertainers and highly artistic (arts, such as, dancing, singing, modeling, poetry, writing, speaking).
* Note: You will also find the number 3 vibration associated with great comedians and also the 3 vibration is associated with major communication and politics. * note added 1-22- 2010Star Pictures, Images and Photos

The thought just came to me, why is every three year universal baby not a famous superstar? There are two reasons that have come to mind 1) It is just plain impossible and unreasonable to expect every 3 year universal baby to make it as a star. Talented still? Yes, all of them famous? impossible. Well known in their community and famous locally? A much better possibility. I just don’t think the laws of the universe will allow for that many famous people, but there are many great unknown artist that are serving a creative purpose in their communities and the lives of others. 2) In numerology, we have many other numbers that are personal to each individuals chart, such as the life path number. You may be born with the creativity of a universal 3, but your life path may be calling you to combine the 3 energy with something else or do something opposite. Star Pictures, Images and Photos

We cannot forget to take the life path number into account, but a 3 star that actually does make it into the spotlight – will be a pioneer, a true talent (not just some celebrity), and quite possibly prove to be a legend. Now let’s take a look at celebrities born in a 3 year. In some way these stars stand out above the rest and being born in a three universal year they are true talents. These are just some of our three year stars, comment below and let me know what you think.

3 Year Celebrities Born in (3 Vibration Years)

Mel, Gibson, David Caruso, Bill Maher, Geena Davis, Teena Marie (singer), Sugar Ray Leonard, Tom Hanks, Maureen McCormick, Kim Cattrall, Bo Derek,Warren Moon, Larry Bird, and Sheryl Lee Ralph

Dave Attell, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Diane Lane, Brandon Lee, Chris Rock, Dr. Dre, Kristin Davis, Booker T (Wrestler), Jesse Jackson, Mark Calaway("The Undertaker!" from wrestling, Sarah Jessica Parker, Robert Downey Jr., Bill Bellamy, Martin Lawrence(another one of my favotrite shows the martin show), Jon Cryer, Kevin James (from King of Queens, love him in that show!) Owen Hart (Wrestler, RIP), Krist Novoselic (co-founder of Nirvana and formed idea of the Foo Fighters, but decided against it)

Trent Reznor, John C. Reilly, Todd Bridges, Brooke Shields, Mick Foley (wrestler), Elizabeth Hurley, Manuel Uribe Garza (morbidly obese man from Mexico), Horace Grant, Slash (Guns n Roses), Shawn Michaels, J.K. Rowling, Jeremy Piven, Shania Twain, Mia Zapata (RIP), Charlie Sheen, Lennox Lewis, Paul Heyman, Scottie Pippen, Cheryl Hines, Kathleen Madigan, Ty Pennington, Bjork, Ben Stiller, Andy Dick, Heidi Fleiss(yes,the madam)
phew! what a list! 1965 produced alot of our stars that are still big today. Love them or hate them they all are gifted with 3 vibration talents. Please feel free to comment below, I would love some feedback. I still have more three year stars to add prior to 1956 and after 1965, bookmark this site or subscribe.

(More 3 Universal Years Stars Will Be Added Later On...)

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