January 9, 2010

Rihanna Numerology 2010

Last year Rihanna was in a 6 personal year. The six vibration is all about family, relationships, and responsibilities. In a six personal year, when it comes to romantic relationships, we either meet someone very special (possible soulmate) experience a break up, a marriage, or a baby being born into the relationship. No denying that last year was one of the most significant break ups of Rihanna life, especially since Chris Brown was her first true love. Before the brutal attack, Rihanna and Chris appeared to be a couple that could really make it. They seem to share love that was strong enough to overcome anything. I have seen recent pictures of her and her new boyfriend on a trip to Mexico, and hopefully he is the special soulmate of her six personal year. For 2010, she will be in a seven personal year, in a seven year we often feel the need to literally retreat from the business of life and reflect. The seven is also a spiritual vibration, so she may take a short break to reflect on the past years, this year she definitely needs to have some space and time alone. She might even turn more towards religion this year. I mentioned that hard work would most likely bring out more mature Chris Brown by the end of the year. I believe that this year will allow Rihanna to grow spiritually as she reflects on the past. So if retreats a bit from music or becomes more spiritual this year - the seven vibration is the reason.

2011 - She should back to business and ready to set records. 2011 will be all about business for her. Business and issues surrounding money will be a significant theme for her and I am sure we will hear about it.

(I know that is an old pic of Rihanna but I like it, it so cute and innocent looking)

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