January 8, 2010

Quick Facts About Numerology

Quite simply, numerology is a very ancient study of the influence of numbers on life. Numerology studies numbers,(including dates), names, cycles, and more.

Quick facts about numerology

Pythagoras is credited with being the founder of numerology

There are two main methods or types of numerology - Chaldean and Pythagorean. With Pythagorean being the most common and chaldean considered to be more accurate - a discussion I will talk more about later

Numerology is an ancient study. Dating back to the creation of man. If you read through the bible and/or study religions you will find that much holiness surrounds the "7". "9" is also considered to be a sacred number.

You do not have to be psychic to be numerologist. Numerology is a study of number vibrations and patterns.

Each letter has numerical equivalent. This is how we are able to study and calculate names and letters.

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