January 27, 2010

Numerology February 2010

These are not definite numerology predictions for February 2010. I am just mentioning patterns that I have noticed in past February's in a 3 universal year. Again the 3 vibration is always a big dramatic thing. In a 3 year, what I have noticed, is that when we hear news of loss of lives, the number itself is almost unreal and dramatic like. We tend get news of hundreds or even thousands dying. Whatever the number is, there tends to be hundreds upon hundreds of lives affected, as we have already seen in the earthquake that has affected Haiti. For clues on February 2010, we need to look back at patterns that occurred February 2001 and also November 2001. There are other years we can look to for clues, but the closet match to this year is 2001. 2001 and 2010 mirror each other and are the exact same vibrational year. By the end of this year, we most likely will be able to line up 2001 against 2010, and find striking similarities.

February 2010
If you have read my earthquake post, you know that I have already mentioned February 13, 2001. On February 13, 2001 a 6.6 earthquake struck El Salvador killing 600 people. One month prior, on January 13, 2001, a 7.6 earthquake struck El Salvador killing 800 people and leaving thousands homeless.

I have posted timelines about past three year events and as I read events I am learning about many interesting things that I have never heard of. One thing I have notice is the number 13 and the number 4 are associated with plenty of disasters. It is not an unlucky number but it does carry a certain vibration with it(I’ll talk about this later).

February and November are basically the exact same type of months. These months will always hold the same vibration forever. In a 3 year, February and November become 5 months. 5 is related to travel, but it is also related to shock and sudden change, combine this with a 3 year and you have a recipe for disasters, which is what I have found. One thing I have noticed is that if no disaster occurs in February it most likely will occur in November.

February and November, for this year, contain three main universal vibrations. This includes the 3 year vibration, the 2 month vibration (which will never change), and a 5 month vibration.

2 – This vibration is all about acts of love and hate. People coming together and people coming apart. Violence and Peace. Agreements and disagreements. I tend notice this vibration affecting mainly issues related to politics. It is a ying yang type of vibration.

3 - is about significant communication, significant news, hearing major news,the entertainment industry/"Hollywood", celebrities . dramatic is the best way to describe the 3 vibration.

5 - is a wild vibration, it brings something so suddenly and unexpected, and is also connected to travel.

You mix those vibrations together and you get a hectic mix.

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