January 30, 2010

Creepy Lotto Post

Last night, about five hours after writing my last post about the lotto, I read headline news of a man who won the lotto a few years ago and how his remains were just found/identified yesterday. He won $30 million and he spoke of how it only brought him troubles. I believe the lotto curse is real. Money itself is not evil. It is the dollar signs in peoples eyes that is the true evil. Greed is a very evil thing and winning the lotto will attract that. We often feel our life would be better if we won the lotto but more money oftentimes for most lotto winners equates to more problems. 

It was just heartbreaking to read his story as he seemed like a good, very humble man. No one deserves to have their life taken from them. Unfortunately people do not think before they act that man was somebodies brother, somebodies son, and to most of us family is everything so why would anyone want to take that away from a family. May he rest in peace. I know they will catch those who did it. At the time of my last post I had never heard of that case so it was kind of creepy to hear headline news related to something I had written of earlier.

It does not appear that the world is getting any better and your best defense in life is spiritual protection. Upon waking up I suggest saying a prayer thanks and asking for protection over yourself and loved ones. Do not walk out of your home everyday without being covered in spiritual protection. Prayers can be quick and short. We cannot fully control what may be awaiting us in a day but we can ask higher powers to protect us, our families, and friends as we journey out into the world. It does not matter who you pray to I believe all prayers are heard by the forces out there the most important part is that you do pray. If you need help with praying or a prayer please feel free to get in touch with me.

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