January 9, 2010

Chris Brown Numerology 2010

Based on the personal year that Chris Brown is in, which is a four year, he definitely is being forced to work hard and lay down a foundation that is going to last for the next nine years. We all have a four year to go through sooner or later, and it is a difficult burdensome year as it is about work, work, work! A four vibration can be very dull as it is not meant for fun and adventure, it is meant getting the job done, and struggles and that is all. I think we all can see how hard Chris is working to rectify the damage he has done, while still trying to salvage his name and career. Everyone comes out of a four year a stronger person, so hope he matures a lot during this year. By the end of the year we should see a more maturer Chris Brown.

Last year (2009) was his 3 year, which the 3 vibration involves hearing major news and communication. We cannot doubt how much of that surrounded Chris Brown. Next year (2011) will be a fun, exciting year for him. 2012 - will be a six year for him. The six vibration is related to family, possibly settling down, maybe getting engage or having a child, or having to take on some sort of additional family obligations.

Will post a list of celebrities presently in a 4 personal year

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