January 29, 2010

Can You Win The Lotto With Numerology?

It is possible only if you can crack a particular number pattern or code. I enjoy cracking number patterns but I am not really interested too heavily into the lottery. Have I cracked or attempted to crack the lotto code? No, although I have noticed number patterns in the names of lotto winners and you can read through all of that by browsing lotto post written here at Numerology Star - all in complete fun. I have noticed certain patterns that just naturally stuck out to me but I am definitely not at all claiming that I have the key to make you win the lotto. I don't have that key and I am not aware of anyone that holds it.

My Lottery Numerology Post Written Click Here 

When I first began offering numerology readings I often provided just for fun lucky numbers based on the numerology chart. If lotto is your thing and you don't have any set numbers in mind I would suggest paying close attention to numbers that repeat in your life and also numbers that are significant in your numerology chart. I do not specifically provide lottery numbers and it has been a long time since I have provided lucky numbers in general on numerology readings offered. 

No matter what numbers are given to you by a numerologist, fortune cookie, or psychic there is still no guarantee at all that you are going to win. I play lotto and sometimes for fun I like to play my fortune cookie numbers. I believe everyone has numbers, whether aware or not that are lucky within their personal life, but that does not mean those are the numbers lucky for lotto. If you want to talk lucky numbers for winning such big thing as the lottery if anything you would have to examine the entire lotto history and attempt to find patterns...

Number patterns are my thing and I enjoy cracking them but lotto is not something I care to heavily to examine at the moment. I just believe some are just have it written in their charts super lotto winner and if it is meant to happen it is going to happen no matter what numbers are played. 

The lottery reminds me of the number five vibration which is very random-take-chance-surprise type of vibe the most common types of winners seem to be those that randomly bought a ticket did not think anything serious would happen and boom! 

Surprise! They are now overnight billionaires and all they did was go into a gas station for Slurpee and pack of cookies and just happen to buy a billion dollar ticket. Honestly I would not wish the lottery on my closest loved ones. As I wrote before more money often attracts greed and more problems.

Numerology will not give you all the numbers you need to win tonight's lottery but can numerology show us what is it about the lottery winners that draws this luck to them? Is there a pattern connecting the winners?

Update: I looked into this possible connection between lottery winners and below is a link to all of my lotto post:

On a Separate Note

The year is just beginning and we are already losing legends. I mentioned in an earlier post Loss of Legends In a 3 Year (posted January 15, 2010) that we are going to lose some legendary folks this year. In a three universal year big stars are born and big stars are also taken away from us. I heard news today of an actress passing she played the nurse on Poltergeist and I saw her on an episode of Martin, I believe.

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