January 20, 2010

Baptist Haiti Mission
Donations and Prayers Needed

Baptist Haiti Mission has been around and serving the Haitian community since 1943. They are a Christian based organization that does alot to bring the message and love of Christ to their community. I have been following their tweets and the doctors there are working tirelessly to assist victims - while still in need of supplies and I know some much needed rest too. Can you imagine what the people and doctors are going through out there? If there is any type of donation you can make great or small I ask that you will contribute to this mission. 100 percent of the donations are going directly into supplies and things that they are in need of. Again, if you can donate something, anything to show these people that they are not forgotten, I know it will be greatly appreciated. If you absolutely cannot donate for whatever reason, Baptist Haiti Mission is asking for your prayers and that you would spread the word about their Mission. To learn more about them visit their website
You can also follow them on twitter

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