December 19, 2009

The 2 Universal Year Numerology Part I (2009)

The world has been in a two year for 2009. I reduce the 11 master number. I wonder if the vibrations for a particular new year kick in slowly towards the end of the year? It is as if the majority of the personal year brings its vibration in a build up type of form. Let's take the 2 universal year, 2009, as an example.

What does the “2” vibration represent? Yin and Yang. Love and hate. Agreement and disagreements. Peace and violence. I have not kept up too much with the world news for this year. I have not been watching TV, so most of the news I receive are from headline internet news pages. The world year has not only an affect on what is going in the world as far as politics and all the global stuff that makes good headline news. I am beginning to find that the world personal year affects mainly popular celebrities.

This is all just my theory; I believe this because celebrities are our world. When the media has breaking news nowadays, it’s, "Tiger Woods has stepped out of his house but has made no statements!” This is the world we live in we are so celebrity oriented and place so much value on them, that they have become a significant part of the world and news -I believe this causes them to be affected by the world year more than regular Joes's like us.

I am not sure if ordinary people are breaking up more than usual, but in the news lately "our world"(celebrities) has been affected by the two universal year. So many breakups and matters related to love and relationships quite unexpected happened within this year.

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