December 19, 2009

The 2 Universal Year Numerology Part II (2009)

Please read Part 1 First!2 Year Numerology Part 1

Two (year) vibration keywords highlighted in purple...

Towards the earlier part of the year we have had the Chris Brown and Rhianna incident. It was a violent incident. That of course broke up the relationship and drew a lot of hate and disgust from many. It was not something we expected from Chris brown's clean cut image.

Suprisingly, Khole Kardashian married Lamar Odom while only knowing him for short time. Some thought it was a gag, but now it seems like they really do love each other

A two year of any kind definitely draws out alot of emotions and it has proven to bring unexpected changes and is emotionally moving in someway. You cannot get any more emotional than losing Michael Jackson. Love him or hate him, when he passed it drew alot of emotions out of individuals. Those who loved him and grew up listening to him were deeply saddened and shocked by his passing. Through watching his funeral services and looking back on old video footage, and seeing how much he loved his children and how they loved him. You have to believe deep down in your hearts that he would never harm a child. He was different yes, but he was almost too pure and sensitive for this world. Sadly for anyone, once you are accused of something so disguisting, even if innocent, you always have that nasty tarnishment attached to you.

Woke up to headlines today of Tina Knowles (Beyonces mom) filing for divorce after being married for 29 years to Matthew Knowles.

Alot of relationships have come together in this year and split. A-rod and Kate Hudson come to mind...

Of course we have the Tiger Woods's scandal and news of his wife filing for divorce...

I am not a celebrity expert, so there are of course are plenty more examples of the two year happening that I may not even be aware of or may have missed(leave a comment below if you can think of anything), but definitely in this two year we have seen relationships become a big forefront. Either people are spiltting up more than usual (or unexpectedly) or coming together unexpected. The Twilight Stars relationship with each other is sparking interest...

I do have one more celebrity pair to add to the list and they actually inspired me to start this blog, Eddie Cibrian and Leann Rimes. Eddie -I didn't realize he was a big actor now( I know he is on some show that I don't watch), I last remembered him from Sunset Beach (the soap opera). I use to love that show! So he has divorced his wife and Leann Rimes divorced or is divorcing her husband. Now Eddie and Leann are together. Now, home wrecking I don't like. Does not make sense. You marry the person you love and leave them for someone you lust. Which we know how that ends - burnt out and looking for lust elsewhere. Karmically, I don't think a relationship built on hurting someone else will last.

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The 2 Universal Year Numerology Part I (2009)

The world has been in a two year for 2009. I reduce the 11 master number. I wonder if the vibrations for a particular new year kick in slowly towards the end of the year? It is as if the majority of the personal year brings its vibration in a build up type of form. Let's take the 2 universal year, 2009, as an example.

What does the “2” vibration represent? Yin and Yang. Love and hate. Agreement and disagreements. Peace and violence. I have not kept up too much with the world news for this year. I have not been watching TV, so most of the news I receive are from headline internet news pages. The world year has not only an affect on what is going in the world as far as politics and all the global stuff that makes good headline news. I am beginning to find that the world personal year affects mainly popular celebrities.

This is all just my theory; I believe this because celebrities are our world. When the media has breaking news nowadays, it’s, "Tiger Woods has stepped out of his house but has made no statements!” This is the world we live in we are so celebrity oriented and place so much value on them, that they have become a significant part of the world and news -I believe this causes them to be affected by the world year more than regular Joes's like us.

I am not sure if ordinary people are breaking up more than usual, but in the news lately "our world"(celebrities) has been affected by the two universal year. So many breakups and matters related to love and relationships quite unexpected happened within this year.

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