January 13, 2017

There Are Only Patterns (Quote)

Loving this quote:

“There are only patterns, patterns on top of patterns, patterns that affect other patterns. Patterns hidden by patterns. Patterns within patterns.
If you watch close, history does nothing but repeat itself.
What we call chaos is just patterns we haven't recognized. What we call random is just patterns we can't decipher. what we can't understand we call nonsense. What we can't read we call gibberish...”
Chuck Palahniuk, Survivor

March 31, 2013

Advice On the 3 Personal Year Numerology

After an emotional year as brought on by the previous personal year of two the three in a way promises to relax life just a bit. The best way to get through the three personal year is by keeping  two 'C's' in mind: Communication and Creativity I always say three is sometimes a difficult year when it comes to handling new, super serious business as the number three is a playful, fun, creative, and social type of vibe.

The three often involves plenty of socializing and significant moments of communication! I find the three  to  be an enjoyable break from the pace of life brought on by the previous two personal year, and also a break before the hardworking vibration of the upcoming four personal year. During the three year you may frequently hear from or about people that you have not spoken to or have seen in a long time.

We cannot escape how great of role communication especially plays in the three personal year, it is just hands-down always a really big theme when a three is involved. This significance of communication indicates that for the majority of all of those in the particular year you will have to speak up even more than usual in regards to an issue that may not be so easy to speak of, but is absolutely necessary in order to get through the year as smoothly as possible.On the other you may find yourself instead/also on the receiving end of very significant news that needs to be communicated to you.

So communication is one very important key to keep in mind.

The next key involves both creativity and channeling. While not a super serious hardworking vibration the number three year is especially favorable for creative endeavors. It does not necessarily have to be a creative project done for profit and could be something as simple as writing poetry, singing, taking up dance, painting, anything related to the artistic field that you are drawn to and would allow you to channel your feelings through a creative outlet.

So definitely if you feel pent up emotions and feelings, especially during this type of year, do find creative outlets in which you can release those feelings. Channeling your energy into anything creative, artistic related that you are naturally drawn to (I cannot tell you what that is for you)  is well matched to the vibration of the three personal year and will prove beneficial.

Funny thing, I mentioned the letter C earlier and wasn't even thinking of its equivalence till now. C is equivalent to the number three in Pythagorean numerology just noticed it as I am done writing and C indeed is a funny vibration :) So to get through the three year keep not just two, but these three C's in mind Communication, Creativity, and Channeling. and remember a 'C' (Crystal) wih a three attitude number in my chart and plenty of three's in too many places told you so! :)

January 18, 2012

Stop PIPA & SOPA Bill!

A mass online movement is taken place against both of these bills which would basically give the government and the media the power to censor the internet for those of us in the U.S. Please learn more about the movement by visiting:

On January 18, 2012 some pretty well known websites are showing support by blacking out their site in some form. Wikpidea and Google are just two of many that are protesting these bills. On this blog, you may or may not have noticed a video related to Stopping these bills place at the very top of the blog and censored message over the blog's image located on the far upper left hand of the blog.

When you think of piracy you may think it does not apply to you as you do not download illegally, however, under the bill, piracy can include those sites which show video clips, music clips, social networking websites can be blocked by the government if found to be in some sort of violation even with little to no evidence of piracy. Basic censorship of what we are able to view online and even what links we are able to post, etc. It is terrible, but I am glad we are banning together to fight this and ask you to join.

January 17, 2012

Don't Text & Drive!!!

Texting While Driving Pictures, Images and Photos

As texting has become a popular form of communication, so has the growth of individuals mainly teens, that text and drive. I am sure there are adults that text and drive too. I have my moments where I text heavily, especially when  I am at school and between classes, but I could not imagine texting and driving.

There is not a message or facebook update that is so serious that one should have their eyes off the road not even for a second. It just does not make much sense, a potential accident or death not worth sending or viewing a message that can truly wait. If you are an adult/teen that text and drive please know it is not worth it. If you know someone that text and drive or have a child of driving age please stress the importance of not texting while driving.

If you believe seconds do not make a difference  please take moment to watch the video located below.

For most, it seem like common sense to pay attention to the road at all times, but I guess some feel they those things that causes others to loss their lives will not affect them. There is always too many who feel "it can't happen to me".  Some of them are actually very right. It may not happen to you, but while you text and drive you risk taking the life of someone else. Nobody has that right. So even though it may not happen to you, think about how ones actions can take someone elses life.

Numerology wise, I believe we are in a year that highlights issues surrounding travel, so in honor of the five vibration and past lessons of the five I ask that we all do our part to make travel as safe as possible. Travel wise some things are well be beyond our control, but if we care to make a difference, we can begin with those things we do have control over. We definitely have control of doing our part to making the roads safer.

Drive Mode App
I am not sure if this particular app or a similar app is available to other mobile service providers, but AT&T has an app that while you are driving will auto-reply to all incoming text messages letting your friends and family know that you are driving and will get back to their messages later. The outgoing message is customizable. The app on AT&T is call AT&T Drive Mode. If anyone knows of similar apps, I am sure there are others out there please feel free to comment below or email me and I will post here.

From AT&T Texting & Driving Campaign:

When you take just a minute to look at the last text message on your own wireless device, consider whether it would be worth causing a serious accident, possibly one that could take a life ... or several lives. When you look at it this way, there's no text that can't wait.

Take a moment to do at least one of three things:

#1 Take the "it can wait pledge" So far over 12,900 individuals have pledged not text and drive, all you have to do is click on a button agreeing that you will not text and drive. It only takes a second. To do so click here or copy and paste the following link : http://itcanwait.att.com/

#2 Please take just a moment to watch AT&T's 10-minute documentary titled "The Last Text," featuring stories of real individuals whose lives have been adversely affected by texting behind the wheel. Also feel free to share the video. Even if you do not text and drive, we all have family, friends, and even strangers that may benefit from watching the video so please share

# 3 Don't text and drive! It is just not worth it at all. If you know someone that does, do your best to get the point across to them of how dangerous it truly is. Again it is common sense to most, but some truly feel such dangers could never happen to them, so please get the message across and stay safe out there!

January 11, 2012

Please Take A Moment to Watch, Share, & Visit

I ask of at least one of three things please visit the organization belows website, watch the video below, or say a prayer for the missing. How many lives could be saved if more people became more aware of those that have gone missing? especially when individuals go missing in your local area where unaware others may be passing them by, and  especially when among the missing are children and those with mental handicaps. So please take a moment to:

#1 Visit the LostNMissing Website


#2 Take a moment to view the organizations video below. If someone you loved went missing you would want and need all the help, awareness, and eyes you can possibly have. One person, can make a difference, and possibly save a life....


#3 At the very least say a prayer. To be specific I suggest specifically praying for missing individuals by name that you may have heard of locally or finding random  individual(s) (such as on the particular site or any site) that you may feel drawn to and keep there name specifically in prayer.

Please feel free to share the video